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The Quick Guide to Buying Dubai Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for all women. And Dubai is hands down one of the best places to buy your engagement ring or wedding jewelry. There are countless options to choose from. There are substantial savings compared to buying similar jewelry from a European or North American jeweler.

You can get a lot of information on the Internet about buying your engagement ring, but very little about wedding jewelry. I have been to Dubai countless times for business and vacation. This is what I recommend:

When to buy:

When in Dubai, try to avoid the months of August to September. Jewelers are flooded with tourists from all over Asia during this time. The best time would be from November to March, when it is low season here. The weather is great, the sky is clear and sunny, there are no crowds.

Buy online:

You don’t want to travel to Dubai to buy a ring. Try and buy from an online jeweler who can send you. There are many options for this, but the best I found is Fergus james. They have a great selection, competitive prices, and free shipping both ways. You can even work with diamond ring designers and create a custom ring at no additional cost. You won’t get such quality and craftsmanship at this price anywhere else.

The four C’s:

Diamonds are classified according to four criteria, namely cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Making sure all four meet your expectations is critical to making a smart purchase. The best and most reliable way to verify this is by consulting a professional. A jeweler who has been in business for decades can help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying diamond rings. They might even offer you a good deal on the purchase price because they understand that you are making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

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There are many jewelers in Dubai, but you must buy them from reputable stores. Aside from the fact that some stores may not offer the best prices, they will try to increase sales on certain things like certification etc. If you don’t know anything about diamonds and jewelry, you can buy something that is not worth it.


When shopping online, make sure the jeweler offers a minimum 2-5 year warranty on their rings and jewelry. When shopping in physical stores, make sure your diamonds have at least one year of warranty. This is because if there is any problem with the diamond or ring in the future, you can bring it back to the store and they will resize or replace the diamonds at no cost. This information is generally not shared in advance because these stores make a lot of money selling diamond rings.

When shopping online, make sure they offer a minimum 2-5 year warranty on your rings and jewelry.

Buy from smaller brands:

You don’t necessarily have the best jewelry just because you’re shopping from a big name. The jewels would undoubtedly cost considerably more. You can buy rings for $ 1500 or $ 6000 with substantial variation in quality, craftsmanship, and design. Smaller brands can offer the same certificates of authenticity, quality and craftsmanship at a considerably lower price.

No gifts or discounts:

It is not uncommon for many jewelers in Dubai to offer free diamond rings or other purchases. They will try everything they can to attract you to their store. Most of the time, these offers are bogus and designed to get a foot in the door so they can sell you something else.

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Dubai is a fantastic city with many opportunities for shopping. If you are looking for the perfect wedding set, this post should help you get started shopping for jewelry in Dubai. Whether you want to buy diamond rings or gold necklaces, many places will offer these products at high quality and competitive prices. As long as you know what kind of style you are looking for, it won’t be a challenge to find what you need.

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