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The quiet life of Casado’s cows | Spain

Cattle farm in Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila).
Cattle farm in Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila).JUAN BARBOSA

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, was in Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila, 5,100 inhabitants) on Friday to defend intensive farming in controversial statements for issuing them in an area where animals grow freely. The pre-election display generates a certain weariness and indifference among the families that exploit cattle on their own land.

Carlos Moreno, who together with the sisters Eva and Marimar Herranz manages the farm of 70 heads to which Casado went, points out that this model is the most common in the area. It is enough to enter the nearby paths to prove it. “We pamper the cattle, they are family farms with a history of several generations,” explains Moreno, who distances himself from political affiliations and emphasizes that they will accept the visit of anyone interested in knowing this rural sector.

This man from Avila avoids commenting on the macro-farms and considers that perhaps the raw material provided by the extensive regime is of “higher quality because more care is taken”, without this meaning that the intensive one is inadequate, since “there is a regulation” that should prevent manure leaks into the soil and contaminates it, in addition to protecting animal welfare. The controversy as a result of the statements of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, also reaches the meadows where the cows of a rancher and her father walk, who decline to give their name. They prefer to avoid the political wave. The rancher explains that the minister “has spoken without knowing” and that consumers get scared when the news and the front pages talk too much about meat. “Everything is politics and elections are coming, but it ends up getting bigger and it becomes a ball,” he laments, while asking that the leaders focus more on important issues for their businesses, increasingly suffocated by fuel prices or rising prices. feed, opposed to the market depreciation of their products. The undeniable thing, stands out as he opens his arms and shows the hectares still frosty around him, is that the extensive regime implies enormous quality.

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The appearance of figures in suits, cameras and microphones makes another veteran rancher suspicious, with a life linked to the field and little friend of visibility in the sector. He also avoids identifying himself to say without fear that “the commotion harms us when those from Madrid come with Pedro Sánchez or Pablo Casado.” “The more silence, the better”, comments this person, who takes care of 25 cows and considers the words of politicians who give their opinion about rural life from the carpets “silly”.

Casado assured that he chose Las Navas del Marqués because he has been spending the summer there for some 10 years according to Alberto Rosado, chef at the Montecarlo restaurant and friend of the opposition leader, who came to say hello during his visit to Ávila, where he ran as a candidate. of the PP in the general elections of 2015. The politician’s Twitter reflects that he voted in Las Navas that May 24, a place where the neighbors recognize him and speak of him as a close and friendly person, although they joke that they do not have as much treatment as to form an opinion. Married, of Palencia and León origins, he rents a house in the nearby Ciudad Ducal urbanization.

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