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The ratification of the election results provokes a ‘civil war’ in the Republican Party

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Twelve of the 50 conservative senators announce that they will vote against ratification of the results that give victory to Biden

Senator Ted  Cruz.
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Twelve of the 50 Republican senators from the United States have announced that they will vote on January 6 against the ratification of the election results of November 3 and in favor of the constitution of an investigative commission on what, they insist, were some fraudulent elections in which Donald Trump lost by 7 million votes.

The measure will have no consequences, since the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has already announced that it will support the ratification of the results, as well as 38 Republicans and 49 Democrats. Nor is it something new. In fact, in 2004, the Californian Democrat Dianne Bernstein refused to accept the reelection of George W. Bush. However, this ‘swan song’ of Donald Trump’s followers to delegitimize the victory of his rival Joe Biden reveals the internal ‘civil war’ between the ‘Trumpet’ wing and the majority group of the Republican Party.

The action in the Senate comes after Trump supporters have lost nearly a hundred cases in the courts of various states and in the Supreme Court itself, without having achieved a single victory in their efforts to question the outcome of the elections..

In some cases, those efforts had the opposite effect as desired. Thus, in Milwaukee and Dane counties, in the decisive state of Wisconsin, the Trump campaign has spent three million dollars (almost 2.5 million euros) in financing a recount of the votes of the elections that, once concluded, increased Joe Biden’s margin of victory by 87 votes. It is a symbolic figure, since it represents 0.03% of the votes in both counties, but of considerable symbolism, since it reflects the incontrovertible nature of the results.

The goal of those 12 senators, who will be backed by about 140 of the 211 Republicans in the House of Representatives, is not so much to question the elections but prepare your own campaign for re-election to the Senate or the White House in the next few years. As the website specialized in political information Axios stated yesterday, “these senators are concerned that voting against the president’s wishes will cause Trump to support his rivals. [en leis primaries Republicans] 2022 and subsequent years “.

The two promoters of the initiative are two ‘presidential’ in 2024: Josh Hawley, from Missouri, and Ted Cruz, from Texas. In fact, Cruz already ran in 2016, when he was the leist candidate to throw in the towel against Trump, for whom he did not vote at the Republican Convention that year.

The Ted Cruz twist

Cruz’s support for Trump is one of the most graphic manifestations of the phrase, derived from a Shakespeare quote in ‘ The Tempest’, that “politics creates strange bedfellows.” It is enough to review the newspaper archives to verify the height of the debate between the two in 2016, when the current president called his rival, among other things, “maniac”, “hypocrite”, “Canadian citizen”, “very unstable”, “unhinged”, “egg-breaker”, and “the biggest liar I have ever seen in my life,” and further stated that his wife, Heidi, was ugly, and that his father, Rafael Cruz, had participated in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Cruz responded by calling Trump a “rat, although I have no desire to copulate with him”, “narcissistic”, “serial womanizer”, “unfaithful”, “immoral”, “compulsive liar”, “Wall Street candidate”, “mobster” “and” whining coward “, and stating that, if he had the opportunity to run his car over the current president,” I’m not sure what pedal he would press. ” Perhaps the most ironic confrontation, given what is happening in 2021, is Trump’s reaction to Cruz’s victory in the Iowa primaries, 4 years and 11 months ago, when he accused the Texas senator of being “responsible for electoral fraud “.

The republican fracture, therefore, is consummated with this movement. The main loser is not Biden, but McConnell, who had tried by all means to avoid that the senators who have elected him leader did not ratify the electoral result.

But Republicans run another risk as well. Tuesday is the second round of elections that will decide who are the two senators who represent the state of Georgia in Washington, which are currently Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. All the controversy created by Trump over the elections leaves both senators in a difficult position, with one foot in the voters most loyal to the president, who accept the conspiracy theory of fraud, and another, more moderate, who has other concerns. Both Perdue and Loeffler are tied with their Democratic rivals, and the party’s division over the election has only complicated their campaigns. If both senators lose, the Senate will have a Democratic majority.

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