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The receptionist of a gynecological clinic detained in Malaga for accessing intimate images of clients

Memory cards and devices taken from a detainee

Memory cards and devices taken from a detainee

Members of the Malaga Local Police have detained a 50-year-old man, a native of Madrid and a neighbor of Malaga, as the alleged author of a crime against privacy and the right to self-image, for supposedly access images of the clients of the gynecological clinic in the capital where she was a receptionist. Also, supposedly he also recorded women on the beach.

The events began around 3:47 p.m. on Thursday, June 26, when a call to Room 092 of the Malaga Local Police warned that an individual was directing a hidden camera at women, some of whom appeared to be minors, who were in a bikini sunbathing on the Malagueta beach, which had caused an argument between the applicant and himself, after recriminating his attitude. A) Yes, as a result of this complaint, A couple of local police officers who served as civilians began to take a look around the area, locating at around 5.30 p.m. on the Matías Prats seafront a man who fully coincided with the characteristics provided by the applicant, with the exception of the upper garment , that he had changed, since he was prepared with another garment to do it.

The local cops started a stealth tracking, noticing how the individual entered the beach area, specifically where the grass and palm trees are, placing her backpack carefully in the direction of a group of women sunbathing in bikini, after which, after a few minutes, he relocated his backpack in the direction of another group of women who were also lying in the place, they have indicated in a statement.

Given the evidence that she seemed to be recording them in a bikini without their consent, local police officers identified themselves by means of his emblems plates and professional cards, proceeding to identify him, stating his affiliation verbally since he said he was undocumented, acknowledging, upon questions from the agents, that he had previously had an altercation with a woman because of his recordings.

The agents verified that He was carrying a video camera, the lens of which was covered in part with black insulating tape to conceal the recordings, as well as a small backpack that had been drilled a hole that fully coincided with another camera lens, in this case a GoPro-type action camera, in order to be able to record without having to remove the device.

They also located him five memory cards and a mobile phone, in which, as the individual himself voluntarily showed them, there was numerous video files in which he apparently had recordings of intimate parts of patients in a gynecological clinic, in the case of vaginoplasty in some cases, with the aggravation that they were in the folder corresponding to a well-known instant messaging application, which, in principle, suggested that said Pictures could have been shared.

Therefore, although it seems that the material was obtained with the consent of those affected for exclusively professional use, the individual could have used his status as an employee of the clinic in administrative tasks to access it without the consent of those affected.

The Local Police have indicated that they detained him “in the absence of clarifying whether he was able to count on the collaboration or negligence in the custody of the images by another employee of the center, thereby being able to violate personal privacy and generate an impairment to the clients and incur in an alleged criminal act “.

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