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The rector of the UA claims “at least” 1.5% of GDP for universities

With the Minister of Universities and Innovation, Carolina Pascual, to one side at the presidential table, and the rector of the Miguel Hernández University , Juan José Ruiz, on the other, the rector demanded for all public universities a minimum of 1.5% of the state GDP to reach the average of the neighboring countries, as well as “significant funding” to cover the “needs clear and fair ”that their team raised and endorsed the university community when choosing them.

The rector during the delivery of medals and distinctions. JOSE NAVARRO

Navarro dedicated more than half of his speech to the urgent need to provide the universities with enough money to be able to act with the “autonomy” that the Spanish Constitution endows them with.

An expert in financial and tax law, she asserted her chair to pronounce herself as a «jurist and tax collector» on the capital importance of the university system having «financial sufficiency». And with his words he addressed both the “autonomic government” and the state government, offering “institutional loyalty” when claiming territorial financing that is also fair, he said, “to correct the imbalance.”

“Being present in classrooms is a challenge, we are more immunized but we have to get to port”



In the same way, he stressed, that “we are not the same as before the pandemic, nor do we want our funding and budget to be the same.”

The councilor took only part of the glove that the rector threw her very correctly by also showing solidarity with the regional infra-financing, and promised to improve budgets. “I have the commitment to reflect an effort in the next budgets of the UA so that it can improve its conditions,” he said.

However, Carolina Pascual delays until the 2022-23 academic year the new financing plan for all universities with the intention, she said, that it be the product of everyone’s consensus. «We know that you have financial difficulties and with the agreement between all a financing plan will be achieved which is going to shape which university we want in the coming years and where we want to direct the new economic model that the knowledge society needs ”.

The University recovers the academic parade at the beginning of the act. JOSE NAVARRO

The person in charge of Universities emphasized the key role of the universities in transforming the economic model, and tried to send a wink of reconciliation to the rector, aware of the conflict caused by the inequality in the distribution of funds of the AVI, Valencian Innovation Agency , towards the universities of the province with respect to the rest of the Community. “Be Amparo, we have an ally in you, we continue to bet on talent”, he pointed out, to then announce new calls and the incorporation of researchers with “excellent funding”.

“I am ready for consensus, but there is a lack of doctors in the province”



Pascual appreciated the decisive commitment of the rector when she directed the vice-rector for Research, at the time of promoting the incorporation of research talent, and also listed outstanding innovation projects that from the UA have favored the battle against the covid. “It is an excellent university, of course”, He highlighted in clear allusion to the recent statements of the rector about the doubts that the Consell sows about the excellence of the UA due to the discriminatory distribution of funds to investigate.

The head of the Consell assured her support for initiatives related to the UA science park and for promoting an innovative spirit among students; and he stressed that up to 45% of university students receive some type of scholarship.

Extremely conciliatory, the rector pointed out after the words of the councilor to be willing to agree, but also dropped that she does not renounce to the career of Medicine. “We maintain that there is a lack of medical professionals in the province and even more so in the coming years, and that we can help to alleviate it with the sister university”, referring to the UMH. He put his “loyalty” back on the table, “so that the province has the health system it deserves.”

Political, military, social and academic authorities filled the allowed capacity of the Paraninfo. JOSE NAVARRO


Although much of his speech focused on the lack of money, his first reference to a Paraninfo full as far as the 75% capacity allows, was to underline the “special” of the new course. She opens it as rector for the first time, but it also means “the true return after the pandemic. It is our first day for all of us and it makes us immensely happy to regain our presence ”, he pointed out.

He wanted to address his first words of welcome to the “new generation that is joining, but also especially to those who continue their studies and recover the university that we are and that has taken two years to arrive,” he said.

«I will reflect an effort in the next budgets for the UA»



Navarro maintains that despite the great step towards digitization that forced dual education has entailed during the worst of the pandemic, “it has also helped us to confirm that there is nothing that can replace the interaction between teacher and students, and between classmates” .

And he emphasized that presence is still a challenge because we are “more immunized and protected” with vaccines, but that “we have not yet reached port.” At this point, he called for further precautions among university students, and “strongly” requested those who have not been vaccinated to do so “because this community believes in scientific evidence and in collaboration with the elderly and staff. sanitary”.

Minister Pascual also referred to the importance of Science in “the cure of this disease” and stressed that society has internalized this and made it possible to start a course with fewer uncertainties than the previous one “and with a certain normality”.


Regarding the legislative reforms that they plan on the universities, the head of the University of Alicante advanced that “we are going to be very attentive” and that, from the outset, the law “does not resolve access to the teaching career” in what the university Needs’ for talent recruitment and retention. It is the reform that worries us the most – he remarked – to face the increasingly necessary generational change “.

Faced with the reforms contemplated by the new university law in the field of equality, the rector argues that the UA starts as a pioneer in social inclusion and applauds the reduction of the temporary work of the teaching staff and the PAS, as well as the structural funding of research.

Like the councilor, he praised the master class that was given by the professor of the Faculty of Education, Salvador Llinares, on the training of mathematics teachers, a dissertation that was followed by the traditional tribute to administrators and teachers with 25 years of service at the UA, along with those who have just retired and those who died last year and whose plaque their family members were very excited.

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