Saturday, January 22

The reform of the Plaza de Arriba de Elda begins to restore it to its medieval splendor

The Department of Investments and Sustainable Public Services de Elda has begun work to recover the historic Plaza de Arriba through a deep remodeling, designed by the Eldense architect Ernest Juan, which will change the physiognomy of this important enclave of Eldense heritage and thus return it to the splendor it had in medieval times. These works are included in the ‘Elda Renace Plan’ and serve perfectly to define the spirit of this investment program launched by the Elda City Council, which is the recovery of landmarks in the city to put them in value at the same time that the quality of life of the residents of Elda is improved. In this sense, the works have begun with the perimeter fencing of the area to start executing the different parts of this project so relevant to the city, whose main attraction will be in the giant mural that will be carried out on the dividing wall of the Town Hall once the adjacent plot is integrated into the plaza.

In addition, the project has the integration of the entire space of the current street to create a differentiated area in which cultural and leisure events can take place with a separation made through steel arches with historical motifs of the city. In the same way, a children’s play area will also be included for the use and enjoyment of the little ones, as well as the planting of new trees to provide the square with much-needed green areas. Regarding lighting, it will be completely renovated to have new luminaires with led technology, along with the rest of the necessary urban furniture such as benches and pergolas. The works, which have an execution period of six months, have involved the direct hiring of about 20 workers, who will carry out the project tasks in different phases and differentiated places.

In the past, any self-respecting medieval town had a space for leisure, commerce and the stay of its inhabitants, and in Elda that place was the Plaza de Arriba, a historic enclave that served as a link between the Castle and the church. and where a large part of life was spent in our city “ has recalled the mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfaro, highlighting that “With this remodeling, Elda recovers a part of its heritage that had been lost over time, recovering all the shine and importance that it should always have had.” For his part, the Councilor for Sustainable Investments and Public Services, José Antonio Amat, has indicated that “from the local government we continue to comply with the roadmap set to improve the lives of Elders while we value the wealthy Heritage of Elda ”, underlining that“ the ‘Elda Renace Plan’ will allow us to continue recovering spaces so that we can all enjoy them and feel proud of our city ”.

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