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The refurbishment works of the Plaza del Progreso will have an investment of 407,000 euros

Image of the plan of the Plaza del Progreso

Image of the plan of the Plaza del Progreso

The Councilor for Urban Planning of the Alicante City Council, Adrián Santos, approved last November at the Governing Board the proposed agreements for modify and resume the works for the conditioning of the Plaza del Progreso, in phases I and II, with an execution period of 4 months and 5 months, respectively, with a modification of the initial budget set at 315,666 euros, increasing it to € 407,000 to meet neighborhood requests.

The works will be carried out in of the phases, and as explained by the mayor of Urbanism, “the project has been modified to include the requested neighborhood requests, such as changing the sand for colored pavement, raising the stage, improvements have been included to favor the accessibility of the square and the font is going to change ”.

Thus, phase I of the project, with a final price of 86,352 euros, includes the work on the sidewalks of Virgen de la Salud and Virgen del Puig streets, in the sections that delimit the square, and their redevelopment. This modification increases its price by 11.6%, reaching almost 9,000 euros more.

The second phase corresponds to the action inside the Plaza del Progreso and has a budget of 320.596 euros, which represents an increase of 34.5% with an increase of 82,306 euros compared to the original project.

In this sense, the mayor Adrián Santos Pérez has valued these works that are “a neighborhood meeting place, with which it is possible to modernize and reform the entire square, change the pavement to increase accessibility and provide them with new LED lighting ”.

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Likewise, the City Council has reported that the works planned in this second part of the project are mainly focused on the repair the pavement, and the damage caused will be repaired, deformed by the thrust of the tree roots, which is the main problem that the whole area around the square presents, for which the placement of new tiles and curbs in the indicated streets and their redevelopment is contemplated.

To solve this circumstance, Santos has ensured that “the tree transfers in the north of the park, on the recommendation of the City Council’s garden department, and the demolition of the affected slabs and the construction of a new reinforced slab to support the thrusts of the roots to solve the problem ”.

In addition, it is planned to build new tree pits, furniture where the trees will be located, and it will be paved with new concrete slabs, in addition to undertaking a conditioning of the walls of the flowerbeds and the fountain.

Finally, the project contemplates the construction of a ramp adapted to make the stage more accessible, as well as the painting of the parameters that delimit the square and the conditioning of the existing pergola.

Reorganization of traffic on Avenida de Villajoyosa

On the other hand, the Traffic Department has reported that on Sundays, due to the closure of Villajoyosa avenue, and to give access to the facilities of the Club de Regatas and La Mar restaurant, a traffic reordering.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, December 6 and until the completion of the remodeling work on the Paseo Marítimo and the road reorganization from the Postiguet Beach, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Villajoyosa avenue will be carried out a progressive loss of the lane towards Alicante, at the height of the access door to the Cocó beach, creating from here a chicane forming an access incorporation lane, with a capacity of four vehicles.

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Likewise, the exit will be enabled at said point for vehicles that remain inside, facilitating the continuation towards Villajoyosa avenue direction center, traffic device controlled by the Local Police of Alicante.

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