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The regional ministries may sign up to three managers for European funds

The figure of managerial staff of European programs, created exclusively by the decree law on urgent measures to speed up the processing of European aid, is considered key by the different departments of the Generalitat, but Government partners have had to decide who and under what conditions will have a public payroll and will somehow join the leadership of the Autonomous Administration for a period. Although at first the idea that was being considered was to limit the signings of managerial personnel by ministries to one, in the end, according to the sources consulted, there is consensus to allow each department to appoint up to a maximum of three people, but provided that certain certain are met. terms.

Blind CVs are foreseen to avoid gender bias and training and experience will be taken into account


A) Yes, The regional ministries that want to have this figure must justify for the contracting that the amounts of the funds amount to at least one hundred million euros. If a Ministry accredits the existence of European programs that exceed this amount by at least 50 million, it may propose more signings up to that limit of three.

In principle, not all the regional ministries will be able to reach this limit because, although almost all aspire to European resources, there are some that due to their negotiation (Agriculture, Economy, etc.) will be the main recipients. There is also an agreement regarding the remuneration that this high-level management team will receive.

The decree law approved by the Consell last month already established that they would have as a limit the salaries established for the heads of the general directorates and that the salary would have a fixed and a variable part.

The norm opens the door to regulate “up to 40 percent of a variable nature that will be linked to the achievement of the objectives previously established for its management.” Sources familiar with the negotiation of the decree indicate that it has been decided to reduce the variable part to the maximum (it could remain around 10%), since the Consell estimates that it may make it even more difficult to find qualified professionals willing to make the leap to the Generalitat.

The sources consulted admit that it will be difficult to sign managers or directives for the management of European funds and this for two reasons: highly specialized training is required and the salary may not be attractive enough, especially, taking into account the responsibility associated with it. . The European Union establishes very strict controls in the procedures and sets deadlines for the execution of the aid. If these are not fulfilled, the Generalitat is exposed to lose.

Sources from various regional ministries consulted by this newspaper admit that the talent market is complicated and that there are few people with the ideal profile willing to take the step to public management. However, you can also use civil servants who already work in the Generalitat Valenciana. It would be a way to promote with a guaranteed position reservation.

Regarding the selection process, the decree already approved indicates that the appointment must be subject to the principles of merit and capacity, as well as criteria of suitability and that it will be carried out through procedures that guarantee publicity and attendance.

Requirements and merits

The minimum requirement is that the person chosen be in possession of a university degree, or a bachelor’s degree, higher engineering or architecture and that they have specialized knowledge in the management of European funds, as well as professional experience in managerial functions.

The accreditation of competencies in the coordination of teams will also be valued since this person will have civil servants under their hierarchy.

However, the Botànic wants to avoid rigidities and, therefore, the idea is that there is no prior assessment. After the announcement of the positions, the merits will be estimated. The appointment will fall on the holders of the ministries and must be motivated. To avoid gender bias, documentation is expected to be done with blind resumes.

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