Sunday, October 17

The relative – Information

He has arrived? Who? His son-in-law, who? Ortiz, I don’t know who you are talking about? Joke the Hercules, ahh! the friend of the president, that man, well, no idea asks the technical secretariat. Without a fixed day, at the risk of events and his own occupations, Portillo returns to the scene. Enter it is not known very well why or why in the sports management of Rayo Vallecano. This is how the presidency decides, that of Madrid and that of Alicante. Prey of pressure, that of Rayo, agrees to the absurdity of hiring the husband of Ortiz’s daughter, that of Hercules. Apparently as a friend, we are going as a relative, who has made the damn pandemic and the proximity of the Christmas holidays fashionable. The son-in-law’s work situation could not be more bizarre, it is a two-way decision difficult to understand, out of the ordinary. But it is, if anything, more for the Vallecas team. The only thing in favor of such contractual nonsense is the AVE, which takes you and puts you back in no time.

The close friend of Martín Presa, has been going around Zarandieta in case the breva that is said fell, and breaking promises made to Del Pozo, I swear by what you love the most, his political father yielded to his intentions and accommodated him in the Council of Administration with command in the square, in this case in the field, in the field of play, to return to the old ways and mow the grass under the feet of Cubillo and those of the sports management. We are doing something similar to what his father-in-law did at the time with the reviled García Pitarch, of infamy for Herculanean history, emptying the plot of the longed-for Sergio Fernández of content. Luckily this round has not crept in, and the toy, whatever it is, will be given to Javier in the near future, the Epiphany is just around the corner. Patience.

That Portillo is part of the property of Hercules is as true as that he is part of the family of the maximum shareholder. A truism would attest to such a claim. It is well known, the last phase of his career as a soccer professional shows it. Wedding, signing; remarkable in his first year subscribing to the goal, his plot; neat in his second season in which he descends to the damn second B; achiever in his first in the bronze division except for that non-goal in Carranza; the next sunset and the stands against it. From the playing fields to sports management. Without baggage or curriculum, other than the command and control of the property, of the family. Again he jumps through the air and leaves in bad ways and with Hercules in agony a position that by merits he should never have occupied.

Bored, he is stubborn; his father-in-law does not swallow, this time he does not strain. Del Pozo apparently has him tied and well tied, although the same was said of the one with the high-pitched voice and you can see what happened, in two years democracy and in three Constitution. We will have to be vigilant following in the footsteps of Martín Presa’s friend. Traveling to do nothing and paint less in the end tires you, and idleness, even if hidden, causes bad thoughts. For a season that seemed calm in the offices, the son-in-law goes and destabilize !, in an ominous imitation of Joaquín Prat. Here and there, then Cobeño and Iraola will not be happy.

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