Tuesday, February 27

The remote hope of Al-Qazeres dies on the shore

The Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres chose insignificance instead of hope. After a long and busy weekend, with two games resolved to the limit, the team from Cáceres revived an agonizing game against Lima-Horta that escaped due to a basket by the local Tutusaus with three seconds to go (76-74). Before the match, the illusion of reaching the promotion playoff hung by a thread. With the defeat, the last three days of competition are a tip.

The Pavelló Virolai hosted, at the beginning, a costume party. The fearsome start of Lima-Horta, lately accustomed to burning the floor in the first few minutes, was Al-Qázeres. Jesús Sánchez’s pupils uncorked the match with a run of 0-8. Entrusted to the centimeters of Sara Zaragoza, who both played under the rival hoop and monopolized all the rebounds in defense, the visiting team soon clung to the ledge of the promotion playoff. A three-pointer by Mollenhauer on the last play closed a dream first quarter (13-24).

Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres held their own in the following period, thanks to their 33% shooting from the three-point range. The Barcelona team began to get their heads up, raised to a defensive aggressiveness that impotently exhausted many possessions from Cáceres. Then the figure of Tutusaus emerged, a local star, who was also compared to Conchi Satorre, an earthquake with the ball in his hands.

Lima-Horta Barcelona

Cristina Soriano (2), Marina Vallés (7), Verbo (8), Eliana Soriano (32) and Tutusaus (21) -initial quintet-, De La Torre (3), Rodellar, Sole, Iglesias, Martínez, Gamarra, Alba Rovira (3) and Artiga.

  • Referees:
    Soto Medina (Catalan school) and Romero Matute (Aragonese school). Without deleted.

  • Partials per room:
    13-24, 18-15 (31-39, rest), 25-16 (56-55) and 20-19 (76-74).

  • Pavilion:
    Virolai. 50 spectators

With a comfortable lead at intermission (31-39), the team led by Jesús Sánchez had to grit their teeth in the second half. Sara Zaragoza’s goblin in the heights predicted a good future, but Al-Qázeres could do nothing against an Eliana Soriano who went into a trance. He scored up to four triples in the third period to end up drawing the ‘sorpasso’ and bring the match to the final agony.

The meeting led to a beautiful exchange of blows in which the team from Cáceres, dizzy on the local roller coaster, ended up giving in in the last heart-stopping seconds. Verbo hit a triple with 16 seconds to go that gave the local team the lead (74-71). Mollenhauer responded, also from the perimeter, with eight seconds on the clock, to tie. With three seconds to go, Tutusaus got it right in a duel with Zaragoza and ended the hopes of Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres Extremadura.


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