Sunday, September 26

The renewal of the asphalt reaches Carrús and the Ronda Oeste de Elche

Asphalting work in the hamlet of Carrús.

Asphalting work in the hamlet of Carrús.
Antonio Amorós

The “asphalt operation” being carried out by the Elche City Council continues to advance. The Councilor for Maintenance, Héctor Díez, and the Councilor for Pedanías, Vicente Alberola, have visited this morning the asphalting works that are being carried out in the Carrillo road in the district of Carrus. There they have reported on the progress of the Asphalting Plan by which the City Council is allocating five million euros to improve streets and roads in the urban area of ​​the districts.

This action is included in the Financially Sustainable Investments, which has an execution period of one year from the formalization of the contract and that the Government team is deploying, both in the field and in the urban area, to meet all the requests that are being receiving, especially through the Municipal Boards of Camp d’Elx. The mayor Héctor Díez, stressed that “we are talking about the largest investment in repairing roads and streets using asphalt in the last three legislatures and, with it, we intend to carry out actions that remain for the next 20 years.”

Regarding the action that is being carried out on the road to Carrillo, the owner of Pedanías, Vicente Alberola, explained that “it is an intervention that is highly demanded by the residents of this district who had transferred us that no it was in good condition ”. The mayor has indicated that it is a path of about 600 meters in length and the cost of the work is about 24,000 euros.

Vicente Alberola has advanced that “in a few weeks we will begin work on the Bolo road that ends in the Hondo de los Escalantes, which has a distance of about 800 meters and a cost of more than 30,000 euros.” The head of the Pedanías recalled that “we have a contract of 3 million euros to carry out this type of action that will focus on the roads in the worst condition of all districts of Elche”.

Night works

For his part, Héctor Díez has indicated that “we are also working in the urban case with a contract of 2.5 million euros for the renovation of asphalt and these days we are working at night in the West Round of Carrús, an important access road to the city from the A-70 that connects both Carrús and the area of ​​Pont Nou and El Pla. A road through which more than 30,000 vehicles every day ”.

In this case, 250,000 euros are being invested in the maintenance of the Ronda Oeste de Carrús, acting on more than 3,600 square meters of asphalt. Héctor Díez has said that the works are being carried out at night in order not to create serious traffic problems at this point with so many passing vehicles. In addition, the mayor of Maintenance has indicated that “in the coming weeks they will also act on the Antonio Machado avenue between the Rotunda de l’Aljub and Plaça de Crevillente to renovate all the asphalt on this road ”.

Héctor Díez has indicated that “once these actions are finished, a Christmas break will be held and in January the works will be resumed in all the neighborhoods of Elche such as Carrús, Altabix, Centro or El Pla”. According to the mayor, “The objective is to update the asphalt of the urban area, prioritizing the roads that are in worse condition and have more traffic flow”.

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