Thursday, January 20

The renewal of the constitutional bodies will be the protagonist of the control session on Tuesday

Sánchez, during his speech at the recent Ibero-American Summit

Sánchez, during his speech at the recent Ibero-American Summit
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The head of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will have the opportunity this Tuesday to defend before the plenary session Senate the pact with him PP to renew the constitutional bodies when answering a question from Cs about the agreement with the popular ones, pending its possible extension to the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

It will be in the control session of the Upper House, where Sánchez will answer a question from Citizen spokesperson, Miguel Sánchez, whose formation was one of the groups that did not participate last week in the congressional voting to elect new members of the constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman.

In fact, once Sánchez and the ministers have responded to the questions and interpellations of the Senate groups, the plenary session ratify the election of the candidate for ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, who has already obtained the approval of Congress. Afterwards, the senators will vote the six members of the Court of Accounts that correspond to elect this legislative chamber.

In the Lower House, the votes were peppered by the rejection that among the ranks of the left, including some socialist like the deputy Odón Elorza, raised the professor figure Enrique Arnaldo, proposed by the PP to occupy a position in the Constitutional Court.

Today the debate is reoriented towards the possibilities that the pacts between the parties of the Government and the PP finally sponsor the long-awaited renewal of the CGPJ, which on the other hand does not seem imminent judging by the public statements of the leaders of the parties involved.

The plenary session of the Senate will start at four in the afternoon with questions addressed to Sánchez, who in addition to answering the spokesperson for Cs will do so to the spokesperson of the popular group, Javier Maroto, and the Navarrese senator of the Mixed group Ruth Goñi.

Maroto will be interested in the head of the Government for the “Evolution of the tax burden borne by Spaniards”, an issue that brings to the fore in the process of the general state budgets for 2022 and once the Madrid’s community, governed by the PP, has announced the elimination of all own taxes.

As for Senator Goñi, she will be interested in Sánchez about the measures that the Executive has planned so that Navarra “returns to its path of growth and competitiveness”.

As is customary in the Senate control sessions attended by Sánchez, the president will have twice the time that the ministers to attend to the questions raised by the senators.

In this way, each interpellant will have seven minutes for your question and its corresponding reply, the same time granted to the Chief Executive.

In the control of the Senate will be seen this afternoon other matters such as aid for those affected by the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma, the fight against child poverty or the improvement of employability in Spain, all at the behest of the PP.

The PNV will ask for information on the investigation of the mistreatment in prison and a balance sheet from the Glasgow climate summit; ERC It will do so regarding the concession of the Collar of the Order of Isabel la Católica to the President of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, and JxCat will request explanations for the leaks of reports from the Civil Guard on pro-independence leaders.

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