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The Republican Party wants to divorce Liz Cheney | International

Liz Cheney speaks to reporters at the Washington Capitol.
Liz Cheney speaks to reporters at the Washington Capitol.J. Scott Applewhite / AP

There is little doubt that it will happen. Now the question is how and when. Everything indicates that Congresswoman Liz Cheney could be this week stripped of the presidency of the Republican Conference in Congress – the third most important position in the US House of Representatives – by her fellow Republican Party ranks belonging to the mainstream that supports Donald Trump. A wing that she rejects at all by not communing with the mainstream in the formation of Abraham Lincoln, who has surrendered to former President Trump.

Liz Cheney, 54, calls herself “a Republican conservative.” Without a doubt, he belongs to the hard wing of the party and in his DNA is engraved the vision of the world of a hawk, like his father, Dick Cheney, vice president under George W. Bush. A Wyoming representative since he won the seat in 2016, he gave his enthusiastic approval when Trump considered the possibility, five days after starting his term, of recovering the technique of the waterboarding (simulated drowning) to terrorism suspects.

Four years later, the daughter of the supposedly most powerful vice president in history wants to save the Republican Party from the clutches of Trump. It all started when on September 23, before the presidential elections on November 3, the tycoon was asked at a press conference if he would commit to a peaceful transition of power in the event that his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, won. “We will see what happens,” replied the then president. “I have been complaining energetically about the voting process for a long time, it is a disaster.”

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There Cheney expressed his first major disagreement with the party leader, to whom he responded on Twitter: “The peaceful transition of power is enshrined in our Constitution and is essential for the survival of the Republic. American leaders swear by the Constitution. We will keep that oath. “

That “we will maintain”, in the plural, was far from being true. Trump lost the election and refused to acknowledge the result. The wave called Stop the Steal (Stop the robbery) began to grow, spurred by Republican charges refuting election results in pendulum states that fell on Biden’s side. 2021 had just started and something unprecedented was happening. Cheney secretly orchestrated an open letter, published in The Washington Post and written by all living ex-Defense Secretaries – and for which he had his father’s signature -, in which he warned of an attempt at rebellion to reverse the results of November: a coup. “Efforts to involve the US Armed Forces in the resolution of electoral disputes would lead us into dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory,” they wrote. It was January 3 and the op-ed went almost unnoticed.

Three days later, on January 6, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol trying to prevent election votes from being certified. What happened that afternoon led to the second impeachment (impeachment) of Trump for inciting insurrection, of which he was acquitted. Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans to vote to convict the former president. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy delivered an outraged speech blaming Trump for what happened. The accusing finger held little and today it is part of the revolt to purge Liz Cheney and replace her with Elise Stefanik, a congresswoman from New York.

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Now a vengeful Trump has gone on the attack and wants to close ranks and erase any trace of dissent. From his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, the tycoon has taken action. Expelled from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the only president in history subjected to two impeachments published a statement last week insisting on the grievance. “The fraudulent presidential elections of 2020 will be known from now on as THE BIG LIE.” Very soon after, Cheney refused to accept the definition trumpista for real and tweeted: “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Whoever claims that it was, is spreading THE BIG LIE [copiando el lenguaje de Trump y las mayúsculas]”.

Liz Cheney’s fate is cast. House Republicans maneuver, with Trump reborn from hibernation in Florida, to strip Cheney of his leadership in the Congressional Republican Conference. This past Tuesday, Cheney was writing an op-ed in the Post, titled “The Republican Party is at a turning point. History is watching us ”. According to the woman, who rules out throwing in the towel – they say she has presidential ambitions – “Republicans must decide if they are with the truth and fidelity to the Constitution.” It is she in front of the forces of MAGA, the initials of the Trump slogan Make America Great Again, that pay homage to the former president. Divorce is taken for granted. The degree of ugliness and dirtiness of the process remains to be seen.

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