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The resignation of Iglesias leaves him without assessment in front of the judicial horizon of Podemos




The resignation of Pablo Iglesias from all his positions is also due to their own assessment. The former vice president of the Government only responded to the Supreme Court in that capacity and would have done so before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid had he wanted to sit on the opposition bench, but from now on, he is a citizen like any other and may end up being investigated by an ordinary instance. Right now the eyes are on the National Court.

The main sword of Damocles over Churches is called Dina. It is the first name of the one who was his advisor, Dina Bousselham, and also that of the separate piece number 10 of the macrocause on Villarejo that is investigated in the Central Court of Instruction number 6, where the letters have been on the table for a long time.

Judge Manuel García Castellón appreciates indications that she could have committed a crime of revealing secrets and another of computer damage, as well as a third party for a false report, in everything that surrounded the mobile card that was stolen from her, which ended up copied between the files of the commissioner and that in parallel, passed through his hands. She returned it to her after several months and according to her repeatedly stated before qualifying, by then it no longer worked.

The judge reported all this to the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, which rejected the rationale for which he requested his indictment and asked him to carry out more diligences to shore up those indications, especially when it came to clarifying whether the damage to the card was intentional or not, and he asked again if after doing so, he still thought that he should be charged.

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It is in this phase that the cause is now. The judge agreed, in line with the Supreme Court, to re-deliver Bousselham’s card to the police forces, who have permission to practice an exhaustive analysis that will end with its destruction and that seeks to clarify when, how and why that card stopped working. It is not an easy task. In any case, the report still has several weeks to see the light.

When that report arrives, it will be time to take the next step, which, following the guidelines of the Supreme Court, would be to call Bousselham and to state clearly what he wants to do about it: accuse or forgive the revelation of secrets.

Computer damage, if it is proven that it was deliberate, can be prosecuted ex officio. The point is that at this point, the judge no longer has to knock on the door of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court: I could cite Iglesias as investigated, something that is not ruled out at all, according to the sources consulted by ABC.

Neuron and derivatives

However, it is not the only issue that we can face in the courts. The name of Pablo Iglesias has not sounded in the so-called Neurona case, about the hiring with electoral money of a consulting firm of the same name and for which the party is being investigated for an alleged electoral crime and / or irregular financing. The key is that from that cause another three have been born and two, at least a priori, could splash him.

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The first is in the Court of Instruction number 1 of Madrid, where the complaint of the former lawyer of Podemos Mónica Carmona fell in relation to just over 7,700 euros in court costs According to what he said, Pablo Iglesias could have stayed after winning a trial, although his defense and the expenses derived from it, had been assumed by Podemos.

The second is in the Court of Instruction number 46 of Madrid and is the one related to the alleged use of an employee of Podemos as a nanny for the first daughter that Iglesias had with the now Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. The judge has opened a case for an alleged crime of unfair administration and the still leader of Podemos is not mentioned in the car. He was Secretary General of the party where that employee, Teresa Arévalo, worked; and Vice President of the Government where Montero appointed her deputy chief of staff in his ministry.

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