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The resignation of the Prime Minister of Peru aggravates the political crisis of the Castillo Government

When the first anniversary of the Government of Pedro Castillo has just passed, this Wednesday, surprisingly, the Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres, resigned, which reopens a political crisis in the Executive because according to the Constitution the entire Cabinet falls until name the one who succeeds him.

The Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, presented his resignation amid serious allegations of corruption against President Pedro Castillo, who is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office in five cases, which include leading an alleged criminal organization from the presidency through his relatives and former officials. of the government.

“For personal reasons I put at your disposal the position of President of the Council of Ministers. I take this opportunity to thank you for the trust placed in me; first, as Minister of Justice, and then as ‘premier’”, Torres wrote through the Twitter account.

“I am retiring from office after having served, together with you, our country, especially the most neglected and forgotten people,” he concluded.

Torres opens a hole in the government of Pedro Castillo, who must accept his resignation from office and appoint the replacement of the prime minister, who according to the Constitution must be confirmed in a simple vote by the Congress of the Republic.

Torres’ departure is taking place at a critical moment for the government because the president is facing five accusations from the Prosecutor’s Office, an entity that in an unprecedented manner decided to investigate the incumbent president for crimes of corruption, leading an alleged criminal organization together with his nephews, his wife, the former Minister of Transportation, John Silva; and his former right arm, the former head of the Government Palace Secretariat, Bruno Pacheco.

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As part of the Government’s judicial proceedings, the Ministry of the Interior announced last April that there is a reward program to locate the president’s nephews: Fray Vásquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gómez, for 4,000 euros each. Together with the nephews, the police offer 8,000 euros for the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva.

A few weeks ago, the former secretary of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco, was handed over to justice. He had been living like hell since the Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant after accusing him of being an accomplice of the head of state in organizing illegal payments with police and army generals, who in exchange for 20,000 euros obtained promotions in their careers. In fact, before being fired, 20,000 euros were found in Pacheco’s bathroom inside the Government Palace.

Torres meeting with Pacheco

Last May, the outgoing Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, acknowledged before the oversight committee in Congress that he had a meeting with Pacheco: “I met him when he was driving me from San Isidro to Surquillo, on a street in San Borja. He got into the vehicle and I asked him ‘what happened?’, Because they already knew about the 20,000 dollars and he told me that what they were saying was not true and that he had withdrawn that money from the bank».

According to the prime minister, Pacheco told him that the money that was found in his bathroom inside the Government Palace, he took it out of the bank and that he gave the ticket to the Prosecutor’s Office, and according to Torres, “I asked him about what he had done with the money, and he told me that he had given it to his lawyer, whose name I do not remember.

«(Pacheco told me that) …he previously informed me that he was fighting with his spouse and that he did not have a job. I didn’t expect him to be able to apply for a job and so I told him that now he can’t work for the state. That was the entire meeting, only he and I were there, and no one else, “Torres concluded before Congress.

Twelve months ago, Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency. In the most striking gesture of his presidency, he took off the peasant hat with which he was a candidate and which shows how he has become a political survivor by having an alliance of various parties in the Congress that makes it impossible to get 87 votes to be removed from office; as happened with the former president, Martin Vizcarra, for example.

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