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The restrictions that the Valencian Community shuffles for Christmas

Christmas lighting in Alicante.

Christmas lighting in Alicante.

Residents in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón can prepare for a Christmas 2020 that will look like today. That is, with curfew (at midnight) and with the limited mobility within autonomy with the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community except for regulated exceptions. If there is no significant alteration in the evolution of the pandemicThis is the scenario contemplated by the regional government.

The final decision will be taken, however, as of December 9. This is the date that the health officials of the Executive of Ximo Puig to evaluate the situation of the coronavirus in autonomy. Until that day, after the festive bridge of the Immaculate Conception, the extension of the perimeter closure the territory of the Community and the rest of the restrictions against the coronavirus that are imposed, including the capacity reduction and the ban on meetings of no more than 6 people. That will be the moment, say sources from the Consell, to analyze the data and decide on any variation, up or down, of the restrictions for Christmas 2020 in the Valencian Community.

Christmas 2020: restrictions so that a third wave does not arrive

In any case, the criteria of the strategy are those of serenity and avoiding disruptive movements. That is, abrupt movements in the measures adopted to stop coronavirus infections. In this sense, what can happen at Christmas is worrisome, say the cited sources, in case it could cause later a third wave.

Thus, in the environment of the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, consider that the most realistic scenario today for Christmas parties it is a continuity of the current situation: a curfew in the same time slot as now, meeting limitations to 6 people, limitation of hours and capacity in the hospitality industry and perimeter closure of the Valencian Community.

Christmas lighting in Alicante. RAFA ARJONES

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

The latter means that trips to other regions could not be made to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, nor can they be celebrated. massive dinners -not even in private residences- nor take the grapes in a house where you will not spend the night, for example. However, the sources consulted add below that it will be necessary to wait for a final decision as of December 9. Once the epidemiological evolution, which appears to have reversed its trend, the final decision will be made.

The Valencian health authorities also want to work in the inter-territorial councils to seek that the restrictions of Christmas 2020 in the different territories are homogeneous. Catalonia He has already announced that he wants to impose on the aforementioned parties a curfew from 10 at night in order to prevent spikes in infections.

In this line of preventive measures, the Valencian Executive intends to promote an advance of the Christmas shopping to avoid large concentrations during the peak days of the holidays. The objective is that the large digital sales platforms are not the only beneficiaries of the pandemic, but also promote advance purchases in local commerce from the beginning of December.

Objective of the measures for this Christmas

From the Consell they have been reluctant, until now, to anticipate what will happen at the end of December, adducing the changes that may occur in the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in a matter of days. Just yesterday, the Minister of Health, Ana BarcelóAsked about how the “problem” of the Christmas holidays is addressed, she assured that the measures to be implemented would have to be studied because it worries what may happen in the Christmas holidays, with the multiplication of social interactions, especially after the turn in the evolution of the epidemic that led to 9 d’Octubre bridge. “We have to see everything that leads to an increase in relationships and social encounters. Christmas, obviously, is conducive to those family and social gatherings and gatherings, “he said yesterday.

“Therefore, what we have to see is what measures we can implement or what recommendations must be given or imposed to prevent Christmas” from becoming “an uncontrolled situation when it ends” because it has not been possible to save and maintain security measures against the coronavirus. Because, although the Valencian Community has remained in recent days as the peninsular region with the best accumulated incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants -Yesterday Galicia advanced to C. Valenciana- the truth is that the current hospital pressure and the increase in infections registered in the last week has a clear starting point: the increase in social gatherings during the October bridge. It is there, in the meetings with friends and family who do not live together, where six out of ten new outbreaks are occurring because, in the family, the feeling of danger disappears.

So the same October 9th, C. Valenciana could boast of being the second, only behind the Canary Islands, with a better situation, with “only” 100 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. Two weeks later, as of October 23, the AI ​​had risen to 153 cases. Two weeks later, on November 7, there were 252 and last Friday the rate had climbed to 311 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The trend now seems to have reversed and yesterday, the AI ​​was at 299 when the national average is 452.

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