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The return to normality after the snowfall will be “very complex” in Madrid

Snow in the center of Madrid.

Snow in the center of Madrid.

The Community of Madrid starts this Sunday a “very complex” second phase of the Filomena storm, in which the ice and the forecast of very low temperatures will make it difficult to return to normality and for which citizen collaboration is requested in order to avoid displacement and to help in the removal of snow.

The president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, presides from 10.30 am the meeting of the Territorial Plan of Civil Protection of the Community of Madrid, which carries out the sFollow-up of the Winter Inclement Plan and assesses the situation due to the cold and snowy storm in the region.

Díaz Ayuso will continue during this day at the headquarters of the Security and Emergency Agency Madrid 112 (ASEM 112), in Pozuelo de Alarcón, to supervise the actions of the Madrid Executive against the storm Filomena.

The director of the Safety and Emergency Agency of the Community of Madrid, Carlos Novillo, has explained in statements released to the media that the region remains at level 2 of the Winter Inclement Plan.

One time Resolved the rescues on the roads and put citizens safe who were trapped, now begins a second phase back to normal, which promises “very complex.”

Very low temperatures are expected, and the accumulated snow begins to freeze, so that there is already lots of ice sheets on driveways and sidewalks.

The mechanical means of the Community of Madrid, of the General Directorate of Regional and State Roads and of the municipalities of the region have been working for hours to recover and release the accesses and internal roads of the cities, as explained by Novillo.

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It has asked, in this sense, that citizens continue to collaborate avoiding any movement that is not absolutely necessary, especially in private vehicles, and has emphasized that if they are to be used, the use of strings is mandatory.

He has also asked the people of Madrid to help in the planning, to the extent of their possibilities, and as long as it can be done safely. snow removal at entrances to portals, homes or garages to prevent freezing.

The cars of the M-30

On the other hand, the Madrid City Council has asked citizens who had to abandon their vehicles on the M-30 due to the storm ‘Filomena’ that do not come to pick them up since the services of the highway itself and the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) will transfer them to the nearest depot.

This has been transferred by the Consistory on its social networks in which it indicates that the owners of these cars They should write to [email protected] providing their name and surname, as well as a contact telephone number, the registration number, color and model of the vehicle and the approximate location of where it was left.

The reasons that lead the Government of the capital to make this appeal go through security reasons, since “not all roads are clear and they could get stuck in other sections where it is working urgently. ”

Thus, once the vehicle is transferred to the warehouse, the City Council will contact the person who has claimed it, and at that time You can come to collect it when mobility has been guaranteed on the roads and streets of the city.

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Finally, the Consistory has stressed that this service is free and that they estimate that there are around 700 cars on Calle 30. In addition, security problems remain on the road because there are “impassable” sections, so it has asked citizens to continue in their homes.

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