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The RFEF puts a heavy hand: Marcelo was sanctioned with 3 games and $680 dollars after his expulsion in the Copa del Rey

Marcelo was sent off for knocking down a rival during extra time in the match between Elche and Real Madrid.

Marcelo was sent off for knocking down a rival during extra time in the match between Elche and Real Madrid.

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The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) through the Competition Judge, has decided to ban Real Madrid defender Marcelo Vieira with three games as a result of his expulsion in the match against Elche, corresponding to the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey.

The main reason for this sanction against the Brazilian player was that after receiving the red card, he told the referee Jorge Figueroa Vázquez, “you are very bad”, This was indicated by the referee himself in his respective report after having finished the match that the merengue team won 2-1 in extra time.

That phrase, “in the opinion of this disciplinary body, constitutes an infraction of disregard towards the referee, typified in article 117 of the same Disciplinary Code” and “induces him to sanction its author, Marcelo Vieira Da Silva, to the minimum degree that said precept establishes, that is, two games of suspension and the corresponding accessory fine”, explains the Competition Judge.

Likewise, in the document where the sanction is reflected, it is also applied an economic fine for both the player ($680 dollars) and Real Madrid ($794 dollars) for this incident.

For its part, the RFEF reported that has rejected the document presented by the team from the capital of Spain, in which they attached a video that, according to them, demonstrates “the existence of a manifest material error” in the expulsion of the team captain and even states that “there is no contact between both players” at the moment the rival soccer player falls.

In this sense, the Competition Judge replies that “the arbitral minutes enjoy a presumption of veracity” which “may be distorted when the existence of a manifest material error is proven”.

“In conclusion, what is needed to modify the arbitral disciplinary assessment is that the interested party proves the existence of an objective, notorious, rude and indisputable error for the opinion of any observer to which the move in question was submitted, ”he adds.

“It is therefore evident that the subjective assessments or mistakes and susceptible to different interpretation in the evaluation of the plays must remain untouchable, being only subject to review, we insist, those in which the mistake is beyond any discussion, a situation that It is not enough to be projected on the play that is the object of the allegations related to the expulsion of Marcelo, ”continues the Spanish entity in its statement.

Finally, the Competition Judge explains that “under the perspective described above, our consideration regarding the allegations made is contracted to state that, After observing the video evidence provided, the existence of contact between the Real Madrid CF player and the attacker (from Elche) was verified., a situation that the referee has determined as a knockdown on an obvious scoring occasion”.

For its part, and after the communiqué in question had been published, the Real Madrid that has a period of 10 days to “file an appeal before the Appeals Committee.
Finally, the disciplinary body demonstrated impartiality, by sanction Pere Milla, an Elche player, with a match for “double reprimand”, with “an accessory fine to the club in the amount of 350 euros and 600 euros to the offender”.

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