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The right uses sexist violence in the Cortes to erode the Botanic on 25-N

Although it was the trustee of the popular group, María José Catalá, who opened the turn for speeches, the focus in the hemicycle was on Ciudadanos from the beginning. The deputies of the orange formation disembarked in the Cortes with shirts that reminded of other times, those before the botanical era. In this case, the garments were printed with the face of the Vice President of the Generalitat and the inscription «Oltra go now», a political performance that, in any case, evoked, precisely, the activist past of the leader of Compromís herself against the almighty PP of the absolute majorities and corruption cases. However, the PP spokesperson asked Puig who protects minors under the guardianship of the Generalitat and if it is permissible for health personnel to be criminalized by wanting to classify obstetric violence as sexist violence, as promoted by the Botànic with an amendment to the Accompaniment Law, which has generated a tsunami of criticism. Although Puig announced that the plenary session of the Consell will today approve the Valencian strategy for childhood and adolescence, which will have “all available means to attend to” the weakest, “the popular trustee insisted that it rule on two specific issues: the case of abuse of a minor under the guardianship of an educator ex-husband from Oltra, reminding him of the European Commission’s investigation on sexual abuse in centers for minors in the Community, and about what he thinks about the initiative linked to violence against pregnant women or during childbirth. For Catalá, Puig is carried away by “a supposed feminism that does not condemn violence when it affects them”.

The PP also announced that it has registered a non-law proposal in the registry of the Courts to “eradicate the term obstetric violence” and reject it as a “form of gender violence.” It also promotes an investigation commission in Congress on cases of alleged sexual exploitation and abuse of minors under guardianship in the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community.

Cs deputies with T-shirts with the inscription “Oltra go now”, along with Ana Vega (Vox). | BIEL ALIÑO / EFE

Cessation or resignation

The Cs spokeswoman referred to a kind of “exclusionary and hypocritical” feminism among the ranks of the left and he went to Oltra to demand his resignation: “Please go now.” Deputy María Quiles was in charge of explaining why they had put on these shirts: to test with her own language, “let’s see if we can get Oltra to leave or cease her.”

It was the Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà, who came out in defense of the vice president: “Not only does he not have to leave, but he has to be there for many more years. Thank you, Monica, for your work, “he said.”

The president of the Generalitat avoided at all times in his answers addressing the issue of sexual abuse and obstetric violence, especially because in the latter the PSPV group has backed down after social and health pressure for wanting to link it with violence sexist. The Socialists are now trying to find a new agreement against the clock with their partners to get out of that tunnel. Nevertheless, both Compromís and Unides Podem have opted to set their own profile and they did defend that typification.

It was Oltra herself who rejected the “tricks” of the right for ensuring that the Botànic’s amendment to the Law of Accompaniment on obstetric violence criminalizes professionals when, in her opinion, it is about equating what is established by the Istanbul Convention to regional regulations, in addition to underlining that “it is not an invention and is listed by the WHO.” He also said that they intend to articulate tools to offer assistance to women who arrive from other countries and have suffered this type of violence. The syndica de los morados, Pilar Lima, spoke in the same direction. He defended the initiative and censured that “whenever there is feminist progress there is resistance.”

6.5 million to fight the salary gap in the Administration

The Generalitat Valenciana will allocate 6.5 million euros in a strategic plan that aims to combat the wage gap in the public administration, as announced by the head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, during the control session on Thursday.

It was last July when the Generalitat signed a legislative agreement with the unions at the General Negotiation Table to work in this regard. To this end, the regional budgets for 2022 include an item endowed with the aforementioned 6.5 million to reduce the salary differences that exist in some positions in the Administration that are feminized and that, as has been detected, have lower remuneration.

It is a three-year agreement, which means that the accounts for the years 2023 and 2024 will continue to allocate resources to reduce this gap until it is eliminated, according to sources from the Generalitat yesterday.

“There is something fundamental that is dignity, and equality is fundamental to guarantee it,” claimed the regional leader during the session held on 25-N. He also recalled that work is being done on the draft of the Valencian Equality Law, which will focus on equality in the workplace and the fight against the wage gap, and pointed out that, among other actions, the plans will continue to be promoted egalitarian also in companies, and that Labora will launch for the first time the Avalem Dones program, which will allocate 40 million euros to benefit 32,600 women. However, he stressed that the amount allocated to the fight against sexist violence has quadrupled since 2015 to the 28.3 million euros planned for the 2022 financial year.

Compromís tightens the tourist tax and asks the PSPV for “courage”

The Valencians returned this Thursday to the load with the tourist tax. The Catalan Ombudsman, Fran Ferri, urged from the courts to act with “courage” in the face of the 2022 budgets to activate this tax. It did so through a message obviously addressed to the PSPV, the only partner of the botanical coalition that rejects the approval of this tax considering that at this time, when the consequences of the COVID crisis are still dragging, it is not applicable. Furthermore, the Socialists refuse to impose the tax without first listening to the sector.

Ferri defended that, in reality, the tourist tax “already exists, what happens is that we Valencians pay it and we want tourists to pay it, with a symbolic contribution for the expense they generate.” The Compromís spokesperson assured that Scientific evidence shows that the entry into force of this tax does not reduce visits. At that point, he charged against the PSPV, but without expressly citing it, estimating that there are those who say that approving the tax now is hasty, although it has been asking for since 2017, and when each city council will have the possibility to decide when it is activated and excuse me. The Catalan Ombudsman claimed that 26% more tourist flow was registered this October than last year and stressed that “there are no reasons for immobility”, urging the PSPV to take steps.

The head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, did not make even the slightest reference to this question in his reply. Thus, Compromís and Unides Podem will go ahead with their proposal to approve the rate and, except for a script twist, the PSPV will knock down the initiative.

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