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The rise in costs makes the Casar de Cáceres water park more expensive from 24 to 32 million

Land near the N-630 where the water park is to be built. / ASSIGNED

The promoters want to start the project as soon as possible and are waiting for the final resolution of the reports presented to the Board

The promoters of the water park in Casar de Cáceres are waiting for the final resolution of the Junta de Extremadura to start the project. On August 4, the last reports required by the Ministry of the Environment were presented.

“We are awaiting its publication in the DOE and there will be a period of 30 days to know the final resolution of the environmental, landscape and archaeological reports,” explains Felipe Hurtado, representative of the Aquamundo company.

According to Hurtado, at the moment what matters most is time, since the works should begin as a deadline of October 15 so that the park can work next season. “If we don’t have the capacity to open next year, the project would no longer be profitable because three million euros have already been invested between technical reports, project development and the purchase of the land,” he points out.

“If we don’t have the capacity to open next year, the project would no longer be profitable”

The promoters have processed all the administrative and technical documentation so that the project becomes a reality despite the increase in costs that they will have to assume. The rise in the price of raw materials will raise the investment to 32 million euros, eight million more than initially planned. “For example, the slides were going to cost eight million and with the current situation it will be necessary to invest ten,” he says.

If the Board gives the green light to these reports, it would be the Casar City Council that would have to process the building permit in order to start with this millionaire investment in the town. “Both the Board and the City Council are committed to this project and we hope to have a response as soon as possible, we also promised to make contracts with people from the town and acquire products from local companies,” he clarifies.

Rural hotel

The same promoters of the water park will be the ones to build the rural hotel in the Pantano Viejo area. In the next few days, the project that the architects are finishing up in the City Council will be presented.

Plan of the projected water park. /


The project presented to the Board last December includes the construction of a water park with attractions and buildings on two plots totaling 98,377 square meters, including a 30,000-meter car park. The chosen place, very close to the intersection of the N-630 with the road that connects Casar de Cáceres and Arroyo de la Luz, is outside the area protected by the Natura 2000 Network, about two kilometers from the ZEPA Llanos de Cáceres and Sierra de Fuentes.


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