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“The risk of war in Europe is now greater than it has ever been in the last 30 years”

Dialogue between Russia and the US


Dialogue with Russia ends more threats from the Kremlin

Russian tanks in a military exercise in Kadamovskiy.
Russian tanks in a military exercise in Kadamovskiy.
  • Sanctions This is how the US can strike back at Russia if it invades Ukraine
  • Protests NATO urges an end to violence in Kazakhstan

The third round of diplomatic contacts between Russia and the West to try to neutralize the risk of conflict has ended with new threats of war. Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau warned that “it appears that the risk of war” in Europe “is now greater than it has ever been in the last 30 years.” Russia argued that there is still time for diplomacyBut that its military experts were preparing options in case tensions over Ukraine could not subside.

After the meetings this week in Geneva and Brussels, which have highlighted the differences between the interlocutors, the dialogue has finally stalled in the permanent council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Russia wants to draw “red lines” to prevent alliance from admitting Ukraine as a member or for the US to use it on Ukrainian soil as a missile base. And he argues that the admission of 14 members of the former communist sphere over the past decades is a threat to their national security.

US Ambassador Michael Carpenter said after talks with Russia in Vienna that the West should prepare for a possible escalation of tensions with Moscow. “The drums of war are loud and the rhetoric has become quite strident,” he told reporters. He referred to the threats of the Russian ambassador to the OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich: “If we do not hear a constructive response to our proposals within a reasonable time and the aggressive behavior towards Russia continues, we will have to take the necessary measures. to ensure strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our national security. “

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Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov said previous meetings had shown that there is a “dead end or a difference of approaches“And he sees no reason to sit down again in the next few days to resume these discussions. As he told RTVI television, Russian military advisers are offering options to President Vladimir Putin in case the situation around Ukraine worsens. Riabkov even He commented on the possibility of deploying Russian military infrastructure in countries outside of Europe, such as Cuba or Venezuela. “I don’t want to confirm anything or rule out anything“He said.” In the American style, the discretion of foreign and military policy is the cornerstone to ensure the influence of that country in the world. It all depends on the actions of American colleagues, “Riabkov said.

Russia and the West accumulate months of cross accusations. From Moscow they denounce that NATO countries, including the United States, have accumulated in recent years troops and especially missiles, near the Russian borders. Moscow wants guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO. Washington rejects those demands, but is willing to talk about arms control, missile deployment and confidence-building measures to overcome one of the most tense times in relations with Moscow since the Cold War.

Americans have denounced an alleged Russian plan to intervene in Ukraine again, something that Moscow describes as absurd. Russia demands from the US and NATO, as a whole, binding guarantees that they will not place missiles near its borders, in particular in Poland and Romania. But to eliminate those ‘threats’ that Russia denounces, there is much to retrace. Washington already has a military base in the Polish town of Redzikowo, about 180 kilometers from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. And he has another in the Romanian town of Deveselu, about 600 kilometers from the Crimean peninsula, Russia’s latest ‘acquisition’ after its occupation and annexation in 2014.

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Russian Deputy Minister Riabkov showed concerned about the integrity of your country’s borders, where “there could be any provocation”, especially when Russia has “neighbors like today’s Ukraine, which revels in illusions of revenge, which is looking for reasons to finally abandon the implementation of the package of measures of[l acuerdo de paz de] Minsk and speculating on the reckless and unbridled support of the West. “Still, he believes diplomacy should be given a chance.” I must reiterate that the dialogue is still going on on many levels and in many directions“Riabkov said.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba also bet on continuing to speak, but pointed out to Moscow: “I think the only way the Russians can confirm that they have no intention of solving problems by force is to continue the discussion in the established formats, in particular in the OSCE “.

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