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The Roman awaits hubbub | Today

Moments before the 1-2 penalty in the first round. / domeque star


Mérida, who needs to win, intends to finish more moves and Don Benito, with the tranquility of his last victory, is vertical by nature

Don Benito, when he wants and gets involved, is one of the best attacking teams in the group. That is why he is the highest scorer after the first two classified. And Mérida, since Juanma Barrero arrived, is a team that adds a lot and competes better, that’s why they’ve come back so many points in just a few days. So don’t be surprised if you eat a gooey 0-0.

The normal thing would be something else, because Don Benito likes to go and because Mérida is worth nothing other than victory so as not to slow down in their fight for the playoff. That is why one of the best atmospheres of the course is expected: for the awakening of the Roman fans and, also, for the 300 rojiblancos who will travel from Don Benito. Four draws and a victory from Mérida are the references since both coincided in Second B.

«Despite not getting results at times, Don Benito is a very competitive team. Since the arrival of Roberto Aguirre, all his results have moved in very short tweezers, ”says Juanma Barrero, who does not forget the last exit of the gourd team to Prince Felipe. “There, the best was Bernabé, the Cacereño goalkeeper.” So he expects a long game, «one of those that you have to work on, have patience and not go crazy. What’s more, it’s a team that, although you’re beating them and creating chances for them, is never dead.”

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“We will meet a rival at a good time”, highlights Roberto Aguirre from the other bench. “It is a solid team, very stable in competition, that faces all facets of the game with integrity and then, apart from collective behavior, it has good players, influential in games, who can do a lot of damage.” In fact, what the rojiblanco coach fears most is that his team will be fragile for a second of the match and end up paying for it there. “They have the ability to take advantage of any mistake made by the rival. They can have neither space nor time to maneuver.

Aguirre will travel without the suspended David Agudo, Carlos López and Isa, so Turmo remains the only pure striker in the squad. In addition, without Carlos López, Gonzalo will return to midfield and Lolo Pavón to the center of defense. In Mérida, even without Gaspar, Cubo will make up for Nacho González’s absence from the rear. It only remains to clarify what Juanma Barrero will decide in the midfield and in the attack: which of the three midfielders and which of the three forwards will start from the bench.

With Artiles as essential, if the coaching staff decides to play with two wings and two forwards, they will have to choose between Goma and Mario Robles. Unless he brings the two together and bets on Artiles and Diego López on a heel. But he would run out of spare parts in midfield for the second half. And above, Juanma is distributing the minutes, the starters and the substitutions among the three, Lolo, Higor and Aitor, because none of them is in a sweet moment.

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“They are not scoring goals, but the team is adding more than ever,” the Mérida coach excuses them. “They provide work, solutions to attack, downloads and people are taking advantage of that work. But I want them to regain their sense of smell and confidence. When we get them back, we’ll be even more complete.” The week has focused on them: on finishing more plays and taking advantage of the team’s talent in the offensive phase.

If one comes out and the other is true to his nature…

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