Sunday, June 26

The royal heritage and the dairy

A goal, a solitary goal has unleashed the illusions. A game won at home, one after four lost, has instilled a breath of hope in the Herculanean fans, it is even perceived in the media that collect statements from the protagonists and analysis about the possible permanence of the team in the new category, the For some, not so damn Second B. The optimism after the agonizing victory against Badalona, ​​sixth of the Catalan subgroup, and with a scoring efficiency similar to that of Hercules, that is rather poor, has settled in the Herculanean family as last resource to try the “feat” of continuing to be a member of the third division of homeland football. From the coach who emerged in the merengue factory, through the new and stellar signing, Pastorini Uruguayan striker who scored the lone blue and white goal but who only has more than 20 goals in his long career, and ending with famous chroniclers, they try with all their goodwill, to breathe positivism into the decayed Herculaneum family, so that the team can rise again.

The fans want to believe, because in addition to being possibly one of the best in Spain, they have the urgent need to hold on to the last burning nail, to build even castles in the air, to ignore the sad and desolate reality of their team. The property of the true patrimony that Hercules has, the set of his followers, will have no complaint. The current squad is not at the height of the Herculanean fans, nothing and no one can dispute that privileged position in the Herculaneum heritage.

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Those generous and benevolent 5,000 who have populated the stands of Rico Pérez during this journey in the desert that have been these seven years in the damn Second B. Those are the true heritage of the entity.

Despite the bloody disappointments that they have endured year after year, they are still there, behind the team, with the team, falling in love with the rare joys of recent years, fully returning, with encouragement and support, any moment of hope there was in the season, even as the reversed situation has the club trying to salvage furniture from shipwreck when it was slated for greater glories that are never achieved.

Even so, it is neither cared for nor respected. The events at the beginning of the season with the season tickets attest to this. The pouting of the property towards the stands, currently empty by the damn bug, have been constant.

The partners that he has been incorporating have never considered the Herculanean family, nor the peñas, nor the associations, rather they have ignored and mistreated them, and at most used taking advantage of their dedication to the blue and white colors. The greatest patrimony of the club is systematically overlooked by those who direct the nao herculana. But let those who currently occupy Zarandieta’s offices know that after all they are passing birds, although deadly tiresome, while the ordinary fan will always be where and when their team needs it.

Hopefully those castles in the air that are those victorious expectations against the Catalan clubs would be fulfilled, nothing more than to see the joy of a hobby that after the failure of the original objective, is content to maintain the category.

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Hopefully not a liter of the jug will be spilled due to any setback in the team, to which we are so accustomed, and what happens to the milkmaid from Samaniego. Match by match, Cholo Simeone, into your hands we entrust our team.

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