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The Royal House keeps King Juan Carlos in the Christmas greetings

The Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor, in the Christmas greeting of the Kings.

The Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor, in the Christmas greeting of the Kings.
Real home

The Real home has distributed this Friday the Christmas greetings of the Royal family, in which, in addition to the Kings and their daughters, it is included again a card from King Juan Carlos with Queen Sofia wishing happy new year to the Spanish.

The photo of the Royal Family Christmas postcard is starred alone by Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, in a perched on Somao, the exemplary Asturian town where they were with the Kings in mid-October.

Juan Carlos I left Spain for the United Arab Emirates on August 3 due to the controversy generated by his alleged hidden businesses abroad and the investigations opened by the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office.

However, the Royal House has kept him in the Christmas greeting with his signature next to that of Doña Sofía and with the message “Happy Easter and New Year 2021“.

As has happened in other years since their abdication, instead of a photograph of the two, the Kings Emeritus once again congratulate the holidays with an image of a painting, in this case, the altarpiece “The Nativity”, exhibited in the Prado Museum.

The Palacio de la Zarzuela has posted congratulations on its website two days after Don Juan Carlos will regularize his debt with the Treasury by paying 678,393 euros.

Talking about Kings Felipe and Letizia, this time they do not appear in the photograph of the cardInstead, his daughters are the protagonists, as happened in 2015.

The chosen set is a viewpoint of the village of Somao, where the daughters of the Kings appear smiling with the landscape in the background.

On the reverse, there is the written greeting of the kings with the infanta and the princess, with the phrase, in Spanish and English: “May this Christmas bring us a New Year 2021 especially full of hope“.

“With our best wishes”, concludes the text in handwriting and the signature of the four.

In 2019, the postcard also took place on a balcony of the exemplary Asturian town of that edition, Asiegu, although with the presence of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia with their daughters.

A year earlier, the Kings and their daughters chose the Asturian corner of Mirador de la Princesa, in the Picos de Europa, on the occasion of the first institutional activity of the heir to the Crown outside Madrid.

The Royal Palace was the decoration for the 2017 card, while the previous year it was the Zarzuela gardens.

The novelty of 2015 had as a novelty that the Kings gave all the prominence to Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, who posed in the foreground hugging and smiling.

The first congratulation of the reign in 2014 was an image of his greeting to the citizens from the central balcony of the Royal Palace with the queen after the proclamation ceremony.

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