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“The ruling against abortion is illegitimate”




As soon as this Friday, June 24, the US Supreme Court issued its ruling invalidating the legalization of abortionin force since 1973, Deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rushed out of the Capitol, crossed the street that separates it from the colonnade of the highest judicial instance in the country under escort, joined a group of protesters, took the megaphone from one of them and intoned a slogan that will become the rallying cry of the feminist movement and in favor of abortion in the future to come: “Illegitimate decision, everyone to the street”.

With this ruling, which was already leaked to the press -something unusual- at the beginning of May, a new phase for american feminismwho has been preparing for it.

The atmosphere before the Supreme Court here in Washington is tense. The hundreds of demonstrators, the vast majority of them women, proclaim that the judges do not represent them and call for refusal. In short, as Ocasio-Cortez, the muse of the new American left, said, they deny the Court legitimacy because they see in this ruling a premeditated abuse, the result of decades of conservative activism.

Before the failure, those gathered before the Supreme Court were mostly those who define themselves as pro-lifean amalgamation of religious groups – but not only – that have kept vigils for weeks waiting for a ruling that they have been waiting for many years.

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As soon as the Court issued the ruling, and it began to spread through social networks, a river of clearly indignant womenwith posters in English and Spanish that read slogans such as “abortion without apologies”, “I will continue to facilitate abortions” or “my body is no longer mine”.

Wire hangers, symbol of secrecy

Several women waved wire hangers in the air, a symbol of when abortions were done underground, with so many deaths. A woman was walking around disguised in the red dress from the series “The Handmaid’s Tale”, a fictional symbol of the oppression of women in an apocalyptic future.

Vanessa Peláez, 36, stood before the Supreme Court with a white jersey stained red, as if it were the blood of a badly performed abortion. “Now we have to fight, get into the streets and protest, we can’t wait for the elections”He said.

Waiting for the elections is what the president had asked for moments before. Joe Biden appeared at the White House, deplored the decision of the Supreme and called for a vote for Democrats in the November midterm elections, to strengthen their majority on Capitol Hill and pass a federal law allowing abortion. In the absence of such a law, the Supreme Court has ruled that each state must decide on its own, since the Constitution does not include a right to an abortion.

Although the job of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitutionfor many of these protesters this, approved in 1787has remained outdated. “It’s a couple of fairly brief pages,” said Manuela Tironí, 28 years old. “In social rights, what there is is built by judicial precedent,” she adds.

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Many of these protesters blame Donald Trump for their ills. The fact that the former president had the opportunity to elect three judges out of the nine of the Supreme Court in his only term allowed for a notable conservative turn and has made this ruling possible. Some posters were actually directed at Trump, with more than one insult.

Before the magnitude of the feminist protest, the opponents of abortion were scattered. Edwin García, 22, was left alone, declaring himself a “pro-life Democrat”, with a sign in his hand that said “thank you, Supreme.” To the women who told him that as a man he shouldn’t have an opinion about their bodies, he replied: “They always say that about pro-life men, but when pro-abortion men speak, they don’t say the same thing. It is machismo, the macho man is in favor of abortion, the gentleman man is never in favor of abortion.

The feminist groups will maintain the protests at the gates of the Supreme Court in the coming days.

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