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The rupture of Tamara Falcó sneaks into the sermons of the controversial priest of Valdepeñas

The controversial parish priest, famous for his controversial homilies, applauds that the Marquise forgives Íñigo Onieva

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The Spanish Catholic Church is no stranger to the current situation in this country, not even the most pink or carefree. The breakup of Tamara Falcó with her until now boyfriend, Íñigo Onieva, due to his infidelities, slipped this past Sunday into the sermon of Emilio Jesús Montes, the famous parish priest of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), which has gone viral for years on several occasions for his comments in homilies.

In the last one, this 46-year-old priest from Jaén who was ordained a priest 20 years ago, has not hesitated to give his opinion on the most commented topic of national gossip. «I don’t know if you have found out that Tamara Falcó has broken up with her boyfriend. There is no talk of anything else. You have heard, right? »He asked the faithful who attended his mass in the church of Santo Cristo de la Misericordia in this town of 30,000 inhabitants and who follow him through YouTube.

Aware that everyone knew what had happened between the daughter of Isabel Preysler and the young businessman, the priest praised the attitude of the Marchioness of Griñón in forgiving her ex-boyfriend. «Well, I was at a Photocall and a guy or a girl who has been studying Journalism for five years to take the artichoke and put it in her mouth asked her that, as you are a Christian, you will have to forgive. That is the question they asked her but she did not give up and she answered very well, as a Christian should answer », continued Father Emilio Jesús.

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«She only said that she had forgiven him, that she did not hold a grudge against him and that she had discovered that they did not have the same values ​​​​since for her, in the couple and in marriage, fidelity is very important but for him she does not. is”, continued the mediatic priest, sympathetic to Tamara’s decision not to marry Íñigo despite being engaged. “Tamara did not insult anyone and she defended herself as a Christian, that is, if you must bear in mind that many times to defend yourself as a Christian you have to be clear about your family’s values,” said the priest.

stingy faithful

Don Emilio Jesús began to become famous two years ago when in another sermon he scolded his faithful for their stinginess when making donations to the church in the brush that is passed at each mass. On another occasion he underlined in his sermon in reference to this same stinginess that “the little candles that you think are something for grannies and old women pay half of the electricity bill.”

The war in Ukraine has also been the subject of his comments at Mass. The priest even said that he had blamed NATO for the invasion of Russian troops because Putin had felt threatened. Also critical of Turkish television series – “who knows how we would be in Spain today if we were still Muslims”, he said in a sermon, this priest has also attacked “influencers” because “everything is money and marketing” and against Sevillian influences in Holy Week in the province of Ciudad Real. «It is good enough that everyone has to go through the hoop in Seville because there is another Holy Week, the Castilian one or the one in Valdepeñas, which are simpler, do not require having to spend four hours in the street and allow the common people can participate,” he said last Easter.

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