Monday, June 27

The Rural Police will patrol with 12 agents and rental cars from tomorrow

The long-awaited and vindicated rural brigade of the Local Police of Elche will begin this Thursday to patrol the districts of the municipality with 12 agents and with rental cars. The City Council will present at the La Alcudia site in the presence of pedáneos, neighborhood groups and platforms such as Neighbors Alert the promised specific unit for the Camp d’Elx en a key moment that coincides with the rise in complaints of robberies in rural areas.

The Headquarters will have to pull over the next six months with five vehicles under lease (which have cost 49,500 euros) to cover the increase in the workforce and provide service to this brigade. That is the time that the government team expects it to take a dozen new vehicles and the police van that has been hired for more than 433.000 euros.

Regarding the composition of the brigade, the mayor of Citizen Security, Ramón Abad, assured that the intention is that at the end of the year, once the current process of stabilization of positions is finished, which is in the third phase of the tests, the rural unit can reach 18 agents. Right now, as stated by the area councilor, there are already between 70 and 75 troops, in three shifts, patrolling the districts daily, in addition to specific reinforcements. According to Abad, this reinforcement will serve to increase controls and police pressure, in coordination with the rest of the security forces to try to “reduce” robberies as soon as those behind them are arrested, robberies that the Councilor for the area expects them to be “cyclical” and ruled out that there is a “surge.” It did acknowledge that there is a dispersion of these criminal acts that are affected, among other districts, to Daimés, Derramador, Las Bayas, Asprillas, Valverde and La Hoya, where thefts occur not only in homes, but also in shops or in the crops of grenades.

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Likewise, Abad admitted that the government team is complying with the commitment to provide more resources to the Local Police, “despite the difficulties.” Recently, 34 agents have joined the workforce, a reinforcement that was supposed to have arrived last year but was postponed because tests had to be delayed due to the pandemic.

“We are working in collaboration with neighbors and addressing claims, we can all achieve it,” said Abad. In any case, according to the mayor of Citizen Security, the Local Police of Elche complies with the ratio of agents established by the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Alicante, of 17 agents per 10,000 inhabitants.


The rise in thefts suffered and reported by residents of the districts in recent months has recently led to the creation of a platform, Veïns Alert, made up of one hundred associations from the countryside of Elche in order to collaborate with the security forces to tackle this worrying situation.

Neighbors have had to organize into groups of WhatsApp and Telegram to group the information and send it to the Local Police. The government team has participated in several meetings with the promoters of this initiative and with police officers and has encouraged residents to collaborate against theft.

The message that was conveyed in one of the last assemblies to the residents, in short, is that they must be the eyes and ears of the security forces, because it is materially impossible for there to be an agent on each road.

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