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The Russian plot planned a luxury camping site for motorhomes in Altea

The police investigation into the business plot dismantled on the Costa Blanca that allegedly laundering money from Russian mafias has put under suspicion a project to make a luxury camping site for motorhomes in Altea and for which they would have used their influences in the local administration.

One of those involved in this project is a Russian lawyer and owner of a real estate agency in Altea Hills. Imprisoned since Wednesday by order of the Instruction Court number 1 of Benidorm, this 38-year-old lawyer, who came to the Costa Blanca when he was still a minor, studied at the Jesuits and graduated in Law at the University of Alicante, has He has been classified by the Police and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office as “the achiever” of the organization through his extensive contacts.

According to the investigation conducted by the Benidorm court, the lawyer, who also has a legal office that provides services to Russian clients, created a client network of people to whom he offered constant gifts to obtain favors for their benefit, “both for your law firm and your real estate business. These contacts included members of the Security Forces and Bodies, the Spanish Administration and politics, “being a militant and alleged lobbyist of the Altea Popular Party.” In fact, in the operation two civil guards, a national policeman, a mayor of Benidorm, a former councilor and an official from Altea have been arrested.


Coup in Altea, Finestrat and Alicante to a money laundering network of the Russian mafia

The camping that appears in the telephone calls to those involved is a project that is being processed in the Alteano town hall and whose construction is planned in the Villa Gadea environment and is contemplated for luxury motorhomes, reports Diego Coello.

The investigation indicates that the Russian lawyer is the manager of the camping company and the wife of a Russian businessman also imprisoned after this operation is the administrator. The judge in the case collects in the lawyer’s prison order that there is a call from an architect linked to the PP, in charge of the campsite construction project, where he explains to the lawyer his conversation with the current mayor of Urbanism about a path that he wants to do the Russian lawyer.

In other calls, the lawyer speaks with the popular exedile Jaime Sellés on the approval in the Municipal Plenary of the modification referred to the camping licenses. In this regard, the investigators point out that given the Russian lawyer’s relationship with “some people from the People’s Party of Altea, these calls could be an indication of a possible crime of influence peddling”, in which “the achiever” could be using “his political influences to obtain that municipal regulations are approved that redound to their commercial benefit ”.

1.4 million in a ship

In addition to the campsite, another of the suspicious laundering operations attributed to the Russian plot is the sale of a industrial warehouse in Ibiza for 1.4 million euros one of the Russian businessmen now imprisoned. In it, the lawyer also appears in the negotiations as a person of trust of the buyer and two other Russian citizens, one of whom appears in the plot as in charge of laundering the money of his clients and the other as a business captor between “businessmen, politicians and Russian organized crime ».

Also included in the proceedings is a conversation between the lawyer and the administrator of a company in Alicante about the imminent purchase of 52 homes and, after asking him about the options to hide the origin of the money, they replied that “for this they have used bitcoins.”

The Police also includes the purchase of a home in Altea for 660,000 euros in 2016 on behalf of a businessman linked to the Russian crime syndicates, who was traveling to Spain with the brother of one of the top leaders of the Kutaisi clan.

The order also refers to a conversation between the lawyer and the mayor of Benidorm Citizen Security, who acknowledges that he had “intervened on his behalf with his contacts” and said that “now they are going to have to ‘do a little trick'”.

Support for the arrested mayor

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, yesterday showed his support for the mayor and he stated that “the intervention of the councilor in these events is irrelevant of any kind. So much so that beyond an initial arrest, there was an immediate release without the need for an instruction and for the judge on duty to make a decision on the matter, ”reports Andrea Vicente. Pérez explained that the councilor “continues in his tasks in an ordinary way” and appealed to the presumption of innocence.

The Councilor for Citizen Security will maintain his delegations, despite the fact that the opposition asked precisely yesterday that they be withdrawn while his situation is resolved.

Hams, wine and jewels to all the contacts of the “getidor” of the network

The Police and the Prosecutor’s Office maintain in their reports that the imprisoned Russian lawyer had achieved «Deploy an extensive and powerful client network cultivating friendship and personal relationships and commercial with people from his police, administrative and political environment, with whom he always carries out interactions for their benefit. The intervened calls to those involved reveal a large number of favors among the acquaintances of the «achiever», who constantly gave away «hams, wine, even jewelry, to all his contacts in all areas», in addition to also paying money on occasions . This lawyer, according to the investigators, “would play a key role for businessmen linked to ex-Soviet organized crime” to invest in Spain “undisturbed, carrying out money laundering operations for these organizations.” The court admits that the lawyer does not have direct contact with the criminals represented by two investigated businessmen, although he points out that he is supposed to know them and incurs bribery or influence peddling on many occasions. The wiretaps to the lawyer collect requests for favors to get the DNI, certify documents, obtain residence permits quickly after alleged payments of money, purchase 20 boxes of wine to give away, a conversation with a policeman to hire people to collect debts or identify suspicious cars next to their clients’ houses through police databases.

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