Tuesday, December 7

The Russian Prosecutor’s Office is now asking for 10 years in prison for Navalni

Russian opponent Alexei Navalni.

Russian opponent Alexei Navalni.

The Committee of Instruction of Russia (CIR) launched this Tuesday a new criminal case against the jailed opposition leader, Alexéi Navalni, a day after being nominated for the Sakharov Prize for freedom of conscience awarded by the European Parliament.

The case refers to the creation and direction of an extremist organization by virtue of article 282.1 of the Penal Code in its first part, according to the official statement.

Navalni, who was sentenced last February to two and a half years in prison, could be sentenced under this new file to up to 10 years in prison.

The extremist organization is the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK, for its acronym in Russian), which denounced numerous cases of illicit enrichment in the public administration and which was already banned this year by the Russian Justice.

The activities of said organization would seek to discredit the organs of the State, destabilize the situation in the regions and promote the spirit of protest among the population, according to the CIR.

In addition, they also aimed to convince public opinion of the need to provoke a violent change of power and the organization of acts of protest.

According to the prosecution, Navalni would have founded this organization in 2014, among other things, in order to reverse the constitutional order and undermine the security and integrity of the State.

In unauthorized protest events organized by Navalni and its allies, calls were made for extremist and terrorist activities.

To that end, according to the committee, the Navalni office network was created, also outlawed by the courts; several web pages and a channel on Youtube.

For the same reason, several of the main collaborators of the opposition have also been accused, such as Leonid Volkov and lawyer Ivan Zhdánov, both in exile.

Illegal actions

Against other Navalni co-religionists, such as Liubov Sóbol, a criminal case was also opened for participation in an extremist organization, which carries up to six years in prison.

On August 10, The CIR presented another new criminal charge against the imprisoned opposition leader for creating an organization that incited citizens to commit illegal actions. such as unauthorized rallies, a crime punishable by three years in prison.

“In reality, Navalni has received a life sentence. He will not be released from prison for the duration of the political life of (President Vladimir) Putin. They will only release him if he is willing to leave forever,” Guennadi Gudkov recently told EFE. , former opposition MP in exile in Bulgaria.

The Russian opposition has accused the Kremlin of launching a crackdown that began with the poisoning of Navalni in August 2020 at the hands of the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB).

The vast majority of Navalni collaborators have been imprisoned or are in exile, to which we must add that none of the radical opposition candidates was able to participate in the recent legislative elections.

On the eve of the elections, the authorities blocked Navalni’s “Smart Vote” website, which asked for a vote for the rival candidates of the Kremlin party, United Russia, which finally renewed the constitutional majority.

Navalni, who denounced the official fraud in the elections, will know on October 14 if he is one of the three finalists for the Sakharov Prize.


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