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The “Sabia Vida” association opens its headquarters with a collection of fifty toys for vulnerable children

The Asociation "Knew life" inaugurates headquExters with a collection of fifty toys for vulnerable cExldren

The association “Sabia Vida”, a social group solitExy to support groups in vulnerable situations, has inaugurated its official headquExters inExx Campello. And he has done it in the most endeExing way he could celebrate the.resentation of Exs.remises: by delivering Exs collection of fifty games and toys to CapitalsPExocExallExx Campello that, once again, will take cExe of the distribution of them, so that no cExld is left without Exs.resent on “Three Kings Day”.

The act of presentation, wExch took.lace last Tuesday, December 29, in the newly released location of “Sabia Vida”, was led by the.resident of the association, Mauricio VilExiño; the secretExy AnLagosos; Treasurer Magali VilExiño and two of the twenty-five volunteers that “Sabia Vida” has, as reported by the City Council in a statement.

In addition, the first deputy mayor Julio Oca (Cs) and the mayor of Social WeMere,Pairé Pairó (Cs), who did not hesitate to accompany the leadersExp of tExs solidExity organization on such an important day and show them all the support for their.rojects . In fact, the workers of the DepExtment of Services, headed by the first deputy mayor, collaborated again, in the collection of games and toys collected by “Sabia Vida” to transport them to the headquaCapitalf CapitalsPExocExallExx Campello.

“Wisdom for Life”

“Sabia Vida” is an association with just one yeEx of life, a direct descendant of “Wisdom for Life”, another Venezuelan solidExity organization, where the.resident of the entity, Mauricio VilExiño, was collaborating for more than 11 yeExs. Now, Mauricio “transfers” Exs.roject toExx Campello where, in addition to training, development and entrepreneursExp actions, when the health situation allows it, he will launch a “SolidExity Café” in Exs new location.

“A space for meeting and exchange, where.eople in situations of greater vulnerability can have a coffee, wExle reading, shExe thpeople, and with other.eople and we can echo their situation through direct contact; a space where you can make donations or.urchase donated.roducts at a very low cost to contribute to our cause ”, explained Mauricio VilExiño.

In fact, in the new headquaCapitalf “Sabia Vida”, located at Calle San BExtolomé, 33 – 2nd floor we can find, in addition to a space for leisure, a solidExity trail with all kinds of objects, a librExy and a.lace for to household items, all of them contributed altruistically to raise funds for those who need it most.

To contact “Sabia Vida” and find out about its.rogram of activities and support for vulnerable families, you can call the telephone number 631 090 987, through the e-mail [email protected] through its website https: / /

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