Thursday, November 26

The Sala family appoints a liquidator to definitively dissolve Novocar

The facilities of the Novocar dealership, in file image

The facilities of the Novocar dealership, in file image

The Sala brothers take the last steps to permanently dissolve Novocar Centro del Automóvil SL, the company that owned the homonymous dealer where the matriarch of the family was assassinated, Maria del Carmen Martinez, and also from the Solmar rent-a-car company. Two businesses that were once the responsibility of Miguel López, the victim’s son-in-law and the only accused of this crime, of which he was found not guilty by a popular jury just a year ago.

As published yesterday by the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry, the Sala have ceased as sole administrator of the company to Gustavo Betoret, the brother-in-law of Miguel López, who assumed this position in May 2017, after the judge prohibited the latter from accessing the firm’s facilities, during the investigations that were carried out in the case. In his place, a liquidator, who will be responsible for definitively extinguishing the signature, and for which they have appointed Estanislao Brotons, a trusted employee of the Sala sisters.

In this sense, despite the agreement they reached Vicente Sala and his sisters -María del Mar, Antonia and Fuensanta– To distribute the family inheritance, Novocar remains the property of the four, although it is the latter that have control of the firm by holding the majority of the shareholding.

The firm ceased its activity when a year had not yet passed since the crime and, since then, those responsible have been shedding the assets related to it. Thus, the Sala sisters sold in the middle of last year the warehouse where the dealership was located, which actually belonged to the family patrimonial society and which now occupies another business related to the automotive industry, like many of those in the area where locates.

In addition, the fleet and brand of the car rental company were also detached. Solmar, a subsidiary of the former. Assets acquired by Grupo Marcos, which now operates the Solmar website as a rental vehicle comparison site. Both Novocar and the rent-a-car subsidiary accumulated significant losses in the years prior to the cessation of activity. In the case of the first, in 2014 and 2015 -the last two years with accounts deposited in the Registry-, the red numbers exceeded 317,000 euros, while Solmar added another 2.1 million in the same period.

New partnerships

Beyond the Novocar situation, in recent months the Sala sisters have introduced changes in the structure of Compañía Española de Resinas, the firm with which they manage the real estate assets of the family that remained in property, in exchange for their brother took control of the polymer marketing company. If until now the three daughters of the former president of the CAM Vicente Sala were directly listed as joint administrators of this firm, since September they do so through the patrimonial companies that they have created: Terralopsa, in the case of Fuensanta -where Miguel López is attorney-in-fact-; MS Family Home, in that of María del Mar; and Ainat Management, in that of María Antonia.

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