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The sale of Badajoz is a matter of days

The New Nursery box awaits a new owner of Badajoz. / PAKOPÍ

Lanuspe has prepared the draft of the deed and it is pending to be sent to a notary in Malaga so that it can be transferred and ratified by Joaquín Parra

Javier Perez

A little over a month has passed since the judge’s authorization was known and although there is still no signature, it is already a matter of days before the sale of Badajoz is officially confirmed. Lanuspe SL has prepared the draft of the deed and it only remains for a notary to send it to the Alhaurín de la Torre penitentiary so that Joaquín Parra signs the transfer of the shares. «According to what they have sent me, they have a very advanced minute with the identification of the guarantee and appraisals and they hope to sign it next week. I think they even have a date set with a notary in Malaga,” explains Antonio Rubio, a lawyer who represents Joaquín Parra.

In the pre-purchase-sale contract it was reflected that the purchasing party had to present a mortgage guarantee on a real estate of 20 percent of the total value of the amount of the operation. The agreement reached between the Parra family and the Luis Oliver group amounts to 1,500,000 euros to be paid in five installments, the first of 300,000 euros before July 30, 2022 and the four subsequent payments each September until 2025. That guarantee will prevail until the fulfillment of all payment commitments.

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Once signed by Joaquín Parra, this draft would be passed to a public deed and the approval of the change of ownership in the majority of the shares of the Sociedad Anónima Deportiva by the Higher Sports Council. From there, with regard to the selling party, he would proceed to inform the Court and the Provincial Court in what would be his last step at a legal level, which would mean the end of the stage of the Sevillian businessman at the head of the black and white club. Although the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office imposed two resolutory conditions by which the contract may be rendered null and void in the event that the purchasing party fails to comply with the payment terms and then the shares would be returned to the seller. And the second clause, that these amounts must be paid into an account consigned by the Malaga Court.

Joaquín Parra’s situation has not changed and the appeal for reform is pending, despite the fact that his release on parole has been requested on several occasions.

In his ruling dated March 2, Judge Juan Carlos Velasco authorized the transfer of shares by Feverstone SA, owner of 99.75 percent of the share capital, to Lanuspe SL. When the change in the SAD takes place, it would be Oliver’s umpteenth adventure in a football club since he stood in the elections to preside over Zaragoza in 1988 and lost them – in 2014, together with Mario Conde, he would once again try to buy him from Agapito Iglesias. – to then pass through Xerez, Cartagena, Betis, Extremadura, Córdoba and Panamanian Veraguas. A career dotted with financial problems and legal trouble, some of which he was convicted of.

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Diego García assured on Canal Extremadura TV that the sale is imminent and everything is at the expense of the notary’s visit to Joaquín Parra to sign the documentation before passing it to public deed. The legal adviser of Lanuspe SL also made it clear that once the operation is completed, his representatives have no intention of selling. A turn of speech contrary to the one reiterated in different interviews offered by Luis Oliver in these last two months and in which he expressed his desire to part with the club. As García explained, this change of opinion is due to the fact that there is no longer that climate of great tension between the opposing fans and rejection of the future new property.

In this way, Oliver’s group sees the way paved to disembark in the New Nursery. Currently, Lanuspe operates in Badajoz as a management company thanks to the powers of attorney signed by Iván Parra as president of the SAD Board of Directors.

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