Friday, December 3

The sanchistas remain firm: they want to fight in the provincial congress despite the fall of Ábalos

Once the initial shock is over, Alejandro Soler, far from giving up, he has decided to follow the same roadmap as if the game board had not changed at all. The man from Elche assured this media yesterday that his position has not changed at all and that he will continue working to promote a project that vindicates the needs of this province. Soler will not publicly announce his candidacy to lead the party until the provincial congress is called, although internally he has already communicated his aspirations to his colleagues. Among the possibilities for the future that the deputy considered, he did not contemplate, in any case, that the Minister of Transport should leave his position. And, furthermore, just at the moment when the Sanchista sector, which had Ábalos as a reference, was rearming itself through different public events with the aim of reactivating the party and recovering spaces of power against the majority group led by Angel Franco and the heirs of Pajinism. Already since Saturday the scene began to stir, but it was this Monday when the group closest to the former minister wanted to put the cards on the table, knowing that all eyes were focusing on him, as he was the only one who has applied. to lead the Provincial PSOE and replace, therefore, the current secretary general José Chulvi. His followers support his position by considering that things remain as they are and that his project will continue despite the fall of Ábalos. Among them, Senator Jdared Asensi He assured that “this does not change anything. It was necessary to revitalize the party because it was stagnant. Alejandro Soler’s aspirations have not changed. We are going to continue working along the same lines to highlight the importance of the province and the need to provide transparency under a consensus project. Also the subdelegate of the Government, Araceli PobladorHe added that “Soler has done his job and will continue to do so. This does not have to affect anything. He will continue with the same plans.

However, socialist positions related to Puig consulted by this means assured that, if Soler had any chance of being the strongman of the province, he has lost them and that now the party is going to dedicate itself to forming a consensus leadership, yes , without him as general secretary, according to apostille. The same sources assure that Pedro Sánchez’s decision has dismantled the current led by the Elche and that now all the families will unite under the leadership of Ximo Puig and without anyone using Pedro Sánchez’s name as a springboard. At the provincial level, in party circles yesterday there was talk of the weight it has acquired Toni French as spokesman for the PSOE in the Diputación and as one of the people who knows more closely the weaknesses of Carlos Mazón’s management as president of the provincial institution. But this decision will be up to Ximo Puig and one of his trusted persons is José Chulvi, who yesterday said that he will always be at the party’s disposal.

Beyond assessing the organic scenario left by this remodeling, different socialist leaders interpreted, in a Valencian key, the strategy announced on Saturday by Pedro Sánchez based on the reinforcement of the figure of Puig. The regional secretary Toñi Serna He stated that “this province is so diverse that there is nothing left over and we can fit all of them. Ximo Puig has shown the need for a choral team ». The territorial director of the Presidency of the Generalitat in Alicante, the Oriolana, also highlighted Antonia moreno, that Alicante will continue working for the transfer, the Mediterranean Corridor or financing. And they all agreed on the turn that has been taken to reinforce municipalism: “We mayors who have faced this crisis from the front line and that work has been valued,” according to Toni Francés. Along the same lines, the mayor of Elda and president of the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Rubén Alfaro, indicated that the support for municipalism “will provide the vision of what is happening in cities and towns.”

The PP criticizes that Teresa Ribera continues to lead the Ecological Transition

The general secretary of the PP of the province, Ana Serna, has regretted this Monday that the President of the Government “has forgotten to dismiss the minister who is doing the most damage to the province of Alicante”, referring to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, who continues to lead the ministry. Serna has affirmed that, like Sánchez «a minister like González Laya has been charged for the crisis with Morocco, or Celaá for confronting a large part of the educational community, we hoped that she would also kill Teresa Ribera for the water crisis that it has generated , especially in the southern regions of the province.

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