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The Satse criticizes that there are still vulnerable groups and personnel who care for them to be vaccinated

Vaccination against covid in the province of Alicante

Vaccination against covid in the province of Alicante

The Nursing Union, Satse, has warned the Ministry of Health that, although it is important to continue making progress in population groups to be vaccinated, “we must not forget that the priority of vaccination should be the large dependents (group 4) and vulnerable people over 60 years of age (group 5), as well as the professionals who attend them “.

Likewise, the union has asked the Ministry of Health to convene a meeting with the representatives of the workers to explain what are the organizational measures and schedules that it intends to follow in the vaccination of group 6 (Security forces and bodies, Armed Forces and teachers and education personnel) and in groups 7 , 8 and 9, which will constitute the bulk of the vaccination as it includes all people between 45 and 60 years of age.

Despite the fact that on March 1, vaccination began in the Valencian Community to people from group 6A (Security Forces and Forces, Emergencies and Armed Forces), to date, “there are still unvaccinated personnel from group 2, as well as a high percentage of personnel from the private clinics -clinic Vithas Alicante and Vithas Medimar of the Vithas Alicante group, Millennium Valencia clinic, Cedicas clinic and Brown clinics in Castellón- (group 3A), and the Community dialysis centers (group 3C), pharmacy personnel, occupational therapists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists, … ( all group 3B), large dependents (group 4) and a large part of group 5 (over 60 years) “.

Specifically, the Union wants to know how they will perform mass vaccinations at vaccination points in large towns and provincial capitals. In this sense, the Union warns the Department that “it has not yet presented to the workers’ representatives the labor measures that will affect the personnel who carry out mass vaccinations.”

In this sense, Satse reminds the Ministry that last month of December An agreement was signed whereby nursing professionals could carry out additional reinforcement modules outside of their working hours to reinforce the Covid vaccination campaign and “there are thousands of nurses who have signed up to work outside their working hours, and even on holidays, in order to multiply the number of vaccinated Valencians in the coming weeks “.

The union believes that additional modules “They are the perfect tool to maintain health care in health centers. Satse opposes any measure that involves the referral of nurses who attend health centers to mass vaccination points so as not to reduce the capacity of care for Primary Care, and more in anticipation that there would be a 4th wave that could coincide with mass vaccination “.

In short, “is necessary That the Department carry out a good planning of the nursing professional staff for the coming months and that it inform the union representatives of its work program to combine the usual work of Primary Care with the mass vaccination campaign and the detection and monitoring of positive Covid cases “.

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