The same sources indicated that the vacation booster plan It was presented by the concessionaire in May and the reinforcement of pediatrics, traumatology, surgery or internal medicine was not contemplated at that time. If this situation arises in a “place like Torrevieja, which multiplies the population, that is not a plan, it is an anticipated disaster.”

The Medical Union asks the management of the Hospital and the health area not to hide itself from the incidence of the pandemic or the health reversal when it comes to justifying their failure to act to reinforce the emergency room door and other services. The number of patients admitted to the plant por covid is from six patients, none of them in ICU. A figure that is very far from the occupancy peaks of the third wave, at which time the Hospital had to unfold rooms and had more than one hundred covid patients, 20 of them in ICU. The union understands that the situation of the hospital management is not easy when it comes to hiring, but the reversal, which is scheduled for October 15, only prevents them from entering into indefinite contracts and can hire temporary reinforcements during the summer and until October .

300 daily services with national tourists

The Torrevieja University Hospital is receiving emergencies in the summer period at the level of the summer of 2019. Around 300 daily –around 50 remain in Observation or go to plant. This level of activity occurs despite the fact that the number of displaced by foreign tourism remains very modest. But the national has reached the Vega Baja en masse.