Tuesday, May 18

The scandal against the Mexican youtuber YosStop, accused of child pornography, grows

Ryan Hoffman, brother of the Mexican youtuber Yosseline Hoffman, better known as YosStop reacted to the complaint for the crime of possession and dissemination of child pornography against her.

In an interview with “First hand”, the influencer also said that he had barely found out what was happening with his sister due to a message that someone sent him on WhatsApp.

“I only found out last night, I didn’t find out because I was on social media, someone actually wrote me on WhatsApp ‘Hey, did you see what’s happening with your sister? Just get on Twitter ‘Ryan said.

Ryan Hoffman explained that he learned about everything that was happening on Twitter, which surprised him a lot. “As soon as I found out, I got a lot out of it and I don’t know what I can tell you about it, I’m not very informed.”

In that sense, Ryan said that he spoke with his sister to see how she was on this issue and to offer her support “in whatever way she needed.”

“I spoke to my sister to see if she was okay, like any brother and she told me that she was fine, not to worry and that she was going to review what was up with this issue with her lawyers, that she was going to review it”added.

Finally, Ryan Hoffman spoke about the videos that are published on YouTube, such as the one of his sister that is from 2018 with which he is accused, and explained that you do not always have the same way of thinking.

“Like the video of my sister that is from 2018, the problem is that there are things recorded, they are on the Internet, because I start to see my videos from five years ago and I play songs that I would not touch right now, Ryan is not the same 2015, because before the content was awarded to me and now it is restricted to me “, he detailed.

The complaint filed against the youtuber YosStop also includes Patricio “A”, Carlos “R”, Julián “G”, Axel “A” and Nicolás “B”, who were accused of equal rape, all crimes committed against the young man identified as Ainara “S” who was under age at the time the events occurred.

The complaint was presented by the law firm Shütte and Delsol Gojon Abogados and shared by ITAM Organized Lawyers on Twitter to demand justice for the victim.

The accusation indicates that the assault on Ainara occurred on May 25, 2018, when the teenager, who was then 16 years old, attended a party at the home of Axel “A”. In this event, they ingested alcoholic beverages, which caused the young woman to “have an obvious alteration of the senses.”

During the meeting, Carlos, Julián, Axel and Nicolás took advantage of the young woman’s condition and introduced a bottle of champagne into her private parts.

In addition, those involved documented what happened in a video and disclosed it on social networks and with acquaintances.

The dissemination of the video had a great impact on the psyche, freedom and personal spheres of Ainara who was the victim of constant bullying and attacks. Among these, she was involved in a fight that was also videotaped and that went viral, ”Shütte and Delsol Gojon Abogados explained in a statement.

The recording came to the hands of the youtuber and she narrated it in a video called “Patética Generación”, in which, in addition to mentioning the aggression, she admits that she reproduced and kept it.

The victim decided to speak out and take legal action after a year and a half of therapy.

After the dissemination of the case, network users demanded justice for the victim through the hashtags “Nosotras con Ainara”, “Yo con Ainara” and “Justicia para Ainara”.

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