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The scandalous love life of outgoing designer Calvin Klein; today turns 78

The scandalous love life of outgoing designer Calvin Klein;  today turns 78

Calvin Klein.

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One of the most famous protagonists in the world of fashion is the designer Calvin Klein. Born in The Bronx, he revolutionized the market with his daring ideas and the sensuality of his advertising campaigns.

But this controversy not only led her to her work, it was also part of her private life. Klein turns 78 today after a life full of love scandals.

“I have carried out many of my fantasies. I have experienced sex with men and with women. I have fallen in love with women, I have married women and I have started a family“Was what the iconic character for Vanity Fair once confessed.

It is known that Calvin’s first wife was Jayne Center, whom he met at school and whom he married for a marriage from 1964 to 1974. It was during this period that he gave life to the company we know today, which, by 1977, was already valued at 30 million dollars. that invoiced to the year.

Product of this relationship was the now television producer and winner of four Emmy, Marci Klein. At just 11 years old, Marci was a participant in a kidnapping where Calvin had to pay $ 100,000 and the consequences of a media event where even the FBI was involved.

After your link with Center, the designer related to Kelly Rector. He married her, who served as his assistant, from 1986 to 2006. Denoted as the “cover” for Calvin’s homosexuality, This was uncovered in 2010 when she began dating Nick Gruber, a 20-year-old young man, who was a gay porn model and actor under the nickname “Aaron Skyline”.

Calvin and Nick broke up in 2012, However, the tycoon was with his ex-boyfriend when he was arrested for beating a man and for possession of cocaine, the last time they were together.

Among the most controversial statements Gruber made about his relationship with Klein was that this He locked him up to subject him to a lie detector and find out if he had deceived him. Upon passing the test, Calvin gave him a Bentley for $ 250,000.

Further, In 2013, a text that Gruber supposedly wrote with journalist Lisa Arcella, for The New York Post where He confessed that he had proposed to Calvin, but Calvin would have rejected him.

Also, the writing says, Nick had sex with several women which the designer found out about and they had a turbulent trip to Rio de Janeiro, the trigger to start walking away and then end their relationship when Gruber was arrested.

At age 74, The powerful businessman started dating Kevin Baker, another porn exactor who worked under the name Jacob Johnson. He also model She was 29 when she started dating him.

To this day, The 78-year-old birthday boy is still dating Baker and they were even spotted together in Beverly Hills, in March of the current year.

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