Thursday, September 16

The search for the 39-year-old man who disappeared in the Proserpina reservoir in Mérida continues

Search device.

Search device.
The Extremadura Newspaper

The Search device for the missing male this past Saturday in the Proserpina reservoir in Mérida continues without being able to be located. The Mérida City Council has suspended the bathing day until these works are completed.

Members of different security and emergency bodies are looking for a neighbor of Cáceres 39 years old, member of the group of sappers of the Extremadura XI brigade, which has disappeared in the Proserpina reservoir of Mérida. Several divers from the Mérida fire brigade and the Civil Guard, the latter belonging to the Special Groups of Underwater Activities (GEAS), are part of the search device. Three Red Cross water teams, an SVB unit and a Psychosocial Intervention team are working in the area, in addition to the resources of the National Police, Civil Guard and the 112 Extremadura Emergency and Emergency Center. Companions of the missing person, who had experience as a diver, will also join the search.

The latest information, from sources close to the family, assure that The man was taking photographs of his relatives from the water, who were riding on a pedal boat, when suddenly he submerged and heIt did not rise to the surface for a moment, but it sank again and did not come out. At the time of the incident, around 5.15 p.m. on Saturday, several bathers who were in the area raised the alarm to the Red Cross rescue team and the lifeguards arrived at the scene minutes later. A firefighter and a bather from Mérida who was with his partner in another boat also tried to rescue the man.

The head of the Mérida fire station, Juan Carlos Bermejo, has pointed out that the man should have suffered “Some kind of physical problem” as it quickly sank. “The reservoir is very safe because there are no excessive currents, pools, or eddies,” he pointed out. At the point where the missing person is being searched, there is a depth of about eight meters and the water is cloudy, which makes the search difficult: «Visibility in the water is practically nil, it is a tracking almost to the blow and to the touch ». The professional has indicated in turn that the body does not emerge “because it depends on the type of drowning and we do not really know what happened, so that until we physically see the person, we will not be able to know the reason”.

The A man was riding the pedal boat with his wife and his youngest daughter, aged three, as well as his mother and her partner. In the first moments there were moments of tension and anguish on the part of the family members, in the face of the impotence of not being able to do anything for their loved one, Who had been “swallowed by the water”. Later, other relatives went to the reservoir to accompany the closest family while the rescue work was carried out. The search operation includes members of the Civil Guard, National Police, Red Cross, firefighters from the CPEI of Badajoz and professionals from the 112 Extremadura emergency center.

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