Friday, September 29

The second winner of the Xixona pavilion asks to raise the costs to assume the work

The only company that remains to build the Xixona sports pavilion asks to update the cost of this work, which has been renounced by the company that came in first due to the higher cost of materials. An already controversial work due to its high cost, 4 million euros, which would thus be increased.

The ASCH firm sent a letter to the City Council on October 28 requesting the revision of the prices, although without actually refusing to assume the contract, according to the mayor Isabel López (PSOE). In addition, the company supports this petition in the existence of continued jurisprudence of the Supreme Court in this regard.

Faced with this situation, the first mayor announced that first the tender must be fully carried out to this company, something that will be carried out in the coming weeks, and once the contract is formalized, “everything that can be done” will be reviewed. Highlighting the jurisprudence supports increasing the cost of a project that was put out to tender in 2018, so some prices are out of date.

In the same way, López announced that the company that was in first place and who was awarded the work in the September plenary session with the votes of PSOE and Cs, Doalco, is going to demand the payment of 3% of the project for renouncing the contract, that is to say about 120,000 euros, as stipulated by law for these cases. The company did not present the documentation required to sign the tender and communicated its withdrawal due to the impossibility of maintaining the price offered due to the increase in costs. And López pointed out that the second company is exposed to a similar claim if it does not formalize the contract either.

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In any case, the first mayor pointed out that in the event that the second mercantile did not present the necessary documentation to sign the contract after the full award, it would not be necessary to restart the tender, a process that would take months. López pointed out that there is the possibility of carrying out the tender through a negotiation without advertising that would speed up the processing, adding that there are already several companies interested in carrying out the project based on the current specifications.

For their part, Compromís lamented “the stubbornness and stubbornness of this government team in this pavilion project, which with each passing day is clearer that it will be the great failure of PSOE and Cs de Xixona. From Compromís we have defended from day one that we want a pavilion for Xixona, but not this project that does not have the consensus of the people even for this price. Precisely the price, if this expense of more than 4 million seemed unaffordable for the City Council, now the company, due to the exorbitant rise in the prices of construction materials on a world scale, is demanding more money to do the work » , wondering “how far PSOE and Cs are willing to assume, five million, six million, seven million.” For this reason they urge to abandon this “pharaonic project”, remembering that the Law of Contracts with the Public Sector does not contemplate the price increase to which the second mercantile refers in its writing.

The pavilion that is projected between the Sports Center and the Health Center has 5,177 square meters and will be divided into three floors, with two tracks and capacity for 554 spectators. And during the present mandate it has remained paralyzed until the entry into the government of Cs has allowed to reactivate its bidding.

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