Thursday, December 2

The secret of Chhurpi, the hardest cheese in the world that you could eat up to 20 years after it was made

  • Neelima Vallangi
  • BBC Travel


Image source, Getty Images


Chhurpi has an intense, smoky flavor.

Shrouded in a thick veil of gray mist, the remote Himalayan village of Parvathy Kund was almost deserted. One of the few people in sight was an elderly woman sitting in the doorway of a wooden house, who gave my friend and me a toothless smile of welcome.

“Would you like to eat a Chhurpi?” asked the woman my friend, who had just bought a few kilos of local cheese in a factory in front of her house.

“I couldn’t finish chewing that, not even in a year!” he replied with a laugh. After all, Chhurpi is considered the hardest cheese in the world.

A traditional product prepared by herders in the eastern Himalayan highlands, Chhurpi is a cheese rich in protein with a smoky flavor and one hard consistency which gradually becomes more chewy the longer you bite into it.

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