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the secret of its longevity?

Monarchy expert Bryan Kozlowski predicted that the Queen Isabel II he will live longer than his mother, Isabel Bowes-Lyon, who died at the age of 101 and a smoker. And it is not surprising that this was her bet due to the good state of health that the monarch has enjoyed.

After the publication of ‘Long Live the Queen: 23 Rules for Living as Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch’ by Kozlowski and the interviews given in different media by Darren McGrady, who was her personal chef, we know some of the habits of Elizabeth II that may be the answer to what has been 96 years of physical well-being.

1. Food without excesses

Regarding food, McGrady stated that Elizabeth II did not follow a diet in itself, although her diet was based mainly on fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

But above all, his secret was in eat in moderation and never overdo it.

The carbohydrates and food with starch -confirmed McGrady- they used to be out of his diet and he preferred simple dishes, such as chicken with salad or fish with cooked spinach.

According to Kozlowski, this preference for simple foods was also due to the rationing experienced during World War II, since “for a long period in Great Britain it was almost unpatriotic to be too enthusiastic about food,” said the expert on monarchies.

The cook also explained that the Queen had breakfast twice: «In the first, you have a cup of Earl Gray tea, with a little milk and sugar, accompanied by some biscuits, and then go on to taste herring, in any of its variants». Sometimes he also had them at dinner, mixed with the salad.

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What was undoubtedly sacred to the monarch was the tea time. “There is no day that he skips it,” McGrady said. He ate it along with sandwiches and scones, and a small slice of cake. “As dieticians often advise, I only ate sweets occasionally,” Kozlowski notes in his book.

2. Moderate exercise

Her former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, told the BBC that the Queen I rode a horse once or twice a week and walked during the day. And it is that Isabel II was always a very active person and that she liked to enjoy the countryside and nature.

“If he doesn’t have time to walk the dogs in the morning, he does it in the afternoon,” Arbiter said. In addition, “she does not spend the day sitting at a desk. During an investiture ceremony she stands for up to 90 minutes».

The monarch also tried to sleep well and, above all, to have a daily sleep routine. This was shared by Arbiter: “He sleeps about seven hours every night and wakes up every day at 7.30 in the morning.”

Sleep consistency and regularity are very important, because when the body maintains a predictable schedule it functions more efficiently. “The golden rule is to maintain regular times to go to bed and get up, even on weekends or during vacations,” says Jana Fernández, well-being and rest consultant.

3. Little sun exposure

It is no coincidence that her vacation spot was far from tropical Scotland, at Balmoral Castle, and she usually completed her outfit with an elegant hat, since Elizabeth II preferred to be out of the sun. This was confirmed by Kozlowski, who also assured that he hardly used makeup.

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Little exposure to the sun and use little makeup These are two habits that help take great care of the skin and keep it young. The dermatologist Natalia Jiménez already said it: “Sunbathing ages more than our genetics.”

4. No tobacco

The Arbiter also stated that the Queen “never smoked Nor was he tempted to do so. Unlike what he lived around him when he was young. His father, George VI, was a chain smoker and died of lung cancer because of it.

In our country alone, tobacco kills 54,000 people a year, according to a study published by the Spanish Journal of Cardiology (REC). So this habit plays totally against health and longevity.

5. Mental activity

In the series ‘The Crown’ we could see that the Queen I spent many hours a day reading the news and studying documents to be able to chat with prime ministers during briefings at Buckingham Palace. In this way it could be of help to them with political issues or constitutional issues that they were not aware of.

In addition, “it receives government documents from countries around the world; read and write his correspondence; he prepares for hearings and talks to all kinds of people,” Arbiter noted.

The stress It is another aspect that can take years off our lives, but that those closest to the Queen do not think she suffered. “I don’t think the queen will suffer. She can get angry if something goes wrong, but since most of the time it is not up to her, there is no point in stressing, ”opined her former press secretary. On the other hand, he considered that his adaptability allowed him to put this aside and be able to reign for 70 years.

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In ‘The Crown’ a monarch was also shown who always He controlled his emotions very much. and it was more rational than emotional. “He comes from a culture of dignity, where everyone took responsibility for their own emotions,” Kozlowski reflected in his book, to which he attributed his mental toughness.

Other not so healthy habits

Kozlowski and McGradi argue that Elizabeth II included alcohol in their daily diet: a gin mixed with Dubonnet before lunch, just like the Queen Mother did, which is a wine-based drink served with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.

A dry Martini to accompany her meals, along with a glass of wine to finish it off, and a glass of champagne before bed, were other drinks that McGradi says the queen drank on a daily basis.

On the contrary, her former press secretary stated that she did not usually drink much: “It is very rare to see her drinking more than one unit of alcohol.”

In any case, this never interfered with his purpose, which was the monarch’s interest in reigning above all else.

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