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The secretary of the Torrevieja City Council concludes that the 2021 budget “is not properly processed”

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, in a plenary session, in file image

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, in a plenary session, in file image
Tony Sevilla

The Secretary General of the City Council of Torrevieja has endorsed the allegations presented by Sueña Torrevieja to the 2021 budgets and concludes that they are not “properly processed”. This is what the mayor Pablo Samper has revealed. The authorized national estimates the appeal for reconsideration presented by the councilors of the opposition, Pablo Samper (Dreams Torrevieja), Israel Muñoz (Los Verdes) and Fanny Serrano (PSOE) and he agrees with their proposal to declare null the call for the initial approval plenary session on January 13. The governing team of the Popular Party in the Torrevieja City Council initially approved the 2021 budget project, on January 13, set at almost 107 million euros of income and expenses, ten million euros less than the accounts in force. He did it alone. Mayor, Eduardo Dolon, prevented the secretary that day from advising the Corporation on the appeal presented to the call.

For Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, “the general secretary of the plenary session, with more than 30 years of experience and professional career in our City Council, and with absolute competence over the calls, deadlines and matters to be discussed in the plenary session, reaffirms the arguments expressed in the appeal for reconsideration filed jointly by the three councilors and which is based on the allegations that from Sueña Torrevieja we warned about errors in the processing and lack of documentation that could cause a null plenary call ”.

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The mayor of Sueña Torrevieja, Pablo Samper INFORMATION

The arguments put forward in the secretary’s report are various. Among them, it points out that in the file there are documentary deficiencies. “As referenced in the appeal for reconsideration of January 12, one of the functions of the Plenary Committees, which are study committees, is highlighted in a relevant way. As a consequence of this study of the file, some weaknesses and even documentary deficiencies of the same “, indicates the notary public. In addition, it ensures that the right of participation of opposition councilors has been violated on the part of the local government of the PP for not having informed them of the mandatory reports sufficiently in advance as required by law.

According to the report of the Comptroller of the City Council, dated January 8, 2021, those documents containing material errors should have been incorporated into the file. And, as regards the settlement of the budget, “the decree of approval does not appear in the file that has to be voted in plenary, but it does appear on the website of the City Council” and adds the link, according to the complaint the conclusions of the secretary made public by Sueña Torrevieja.

The secretary notes that Any modification, rectification or correction of errors in the budget file must be done by the Local Government Board since it requires the prior approval of this body. “Said procedure has not been done, then I understand that the budget is not properly processed“, indicates the official. Thus,” it is not expressly stated that the settlement of the budget appears in the file that makes up the Municipal Budget, “both art. 168.1.b) of Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004, of March 5, by which the revised text of the Local Tax Regulatory Law (LRHL) is approved, such as article 18 of Royal Decree 500/1990, of April 20, requires that a document necessarily include the settlement of the Budget “. The publication of the settlement on the website responds to the principle of transparency, “but in no way replaces the mandate that such settlement must be in the Municipal Budget approval file, as necessary documentation,” he adds.

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In this way, he concludes that the municipal budget file is incomplete. “The full documentation of the issues included in the agenda, which should serve as a basis for debate and, where appropriate, voting, must be available to the Councilors or Deputies,” he explains in the notary. In this way, this file cannot be submitted for plenary approval, as it is incomplete. The legal consequence of this is that article 47 of Law 39/2015 is applicable, in what refers to those acts that are issued without regard to “the norms that contain the essential rules for the formation of the will of the organs collegiate “.

The secretary leaves aside the considerations in relation to the urgency of the session since “they are not relevant at this time”, but it does indicate that the right of participation of the councilors has been violated because they have not made them aware of mandatory reports with sufficient notice required by law, which is none other than the time of the call. “With a greater reason, it will be understood that said right has been violated when the documents, which in accordance with the rules must make up the file, they do not appear in it“. Explain.

The mayor of Sueña Torrevieja Pablo Samper regrets that “once again it becomes clear that the mayor of Torrevieja is put back in his place due to his attitudes and behaviors, being the second consecutive year that in the preparation of budgets it arrives full of irregularities and errors“. Samper points out that” from Sueña Torrevieja we will continue to demand that any act and file comply with the law. ”

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