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The secrets you never knew about Domino’s Pizza

We all love pizzaWhile fast food options are not necessarily the definition of a traditional artisan pizza, they solve many problems for us and are in a way the perfect treat for a rainy night of movies at home. Without a doubt one of the most popular and consumed options in the world is Domino’s Pizza, which has been a mainstay for decades. It is known that the company took a big step in 1985 when it became the fastest growing pizzeria in the United States. Since then, the chain’s popularity has only grown. And it is finally undeniable that it is a fast food chain that provides everything necessary for success: their delivery is really fast (usually in less than 30 minutes), their quality standards are kept fairly constant, they handle interesting packages and affordable prices.

However, as in any fast food chain, there are some secrets in your day-to-day operation that of course the company would like to keep buried and that over the years some former employees have revealed. Based on this, we present you some of the most curious secrets that Domino’s Pizza does not want us to know.

1. Employees are watching you

Believe it or not, this fact is true and in a certain way it could be disturbing. According to statements from Kevien Beirne, a former Domino’s Pizza employee who worked for the popular chain for two years (including a summer in NY), all employees responsible for taking orders They automatically access the order history of each client. According to his statement, calling and giving your phone number releases the data about the latest orders, as well as the notes of the previous people who have taken the orders. According to an article published on The Sun’s UK website, there is also a special tool that allows employees to leave notes on which customers are bad and which are nice. Impressive!

2. Better not go over 4 ingredients

When we think of ordering our pizza it is normal that we imagine it full of coarse and colorful ingredients, however we have sad and certainly logical news: The more ingredients you order, the fewer single ingredient ingredients you get. In simpler words, Domino’s has three price ranges for pizza toppings: one to two toppings, three to four toppings, and five or more toppings. Of course, at first glance it might seem that by getting nine toppings you are bleeding Domino’s, you are actually playing against yourself because once you pass four ingredients, you are actually getting less of each ingredient and paying more. Another detail is that potions size starts to get smaller after the fourth coverage.

3. There are mistakes that are intentional

An old trick, according to company policies, Domino’s employees can eat those foods from the menu “Made by accident” that is to say with errors and that of course they are not always prepared by accident. So sometimes employees make certain errors on purpose in the orders, such as adding onion, chili or pineapple to a pizza that the customer ordered without those elements so that they can eat it.

4. Sometimes the most extravagant requests are fulfilled

An advantage for its clients is that the Domino’s website includes a special space to write specific instructions for the driver who will make the home delivery, however the creativity of the clients can reach unsuspected levels and they usually take advantage of the space to leave some strange requests. According to company statements over the years they have tried to be quite accommodating to their loyal customers and They have come to prepare heart-shaped pizzas and other crazy things Everything is for the happiness of the diners!

5. Be very careful what you order: ‘Simple pizza’ may not mean what you think

When ordering your pizza be cautious and try to make sure specify “cheese” when ordering a plain pizza, otherwise it is very likely that you suffer from a disappointment that has happened to several clients. And is that the simple pizza for Domino’s really is dough with sauce, in such a way that you should always order it with cheese if it is what you want. While this can be quite confusing, they handle it that way for people who don’t eat cheese.

6. Italian style and regular base are the same

We have news for those who usually order the Italian style (used in gourmet pizzas) thinking that it is a “Better option”, It is not a more refined type of dough in fact it is the same as a regular pizza base. So you will get exactly the same dough in either of these two styles, the only difference is the quantity: an 11.5-inch Italian-style pizza only uses the dough for a regular 9.5-inch pizza The difference? They just tend to stretch the dough much thinner.

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