Thursday, February 29

The segregation of children with coronavirus outrages the inhabitants of Shanghai

This Tuesday announced the renewal the lockdown of the population in Shanghai for him outbreak from coronavirus that crosses the Chinese city since last month. However, controversy has centered on the segregation that the government is carrying out with the minors who test positive, and who are therefore forced to isolate of their relatives in quarantine centers.

Finally, the critics generalizations of the population to this management have forced the authorities to back and approve a series of modificationsalthough it maintains trouble center, which has caused the discontent from various countries.

half concession

Although the announcement of rectification has served to alleviate tensions, the truth is that there are exceptions to consider. As the inspector of the Local Health Commission anticipates, WuQianyuonly the parents of those infected children “with special needs” may request to accompany them, provided they accept the risks and undertake to comply with a series of prevention measures.

So the ‘small letter’ suggests that the separation between infected minors and their families will continue to be carried out in the most of cases, and that parent-child companionship will require a exceptional procedure.

international anger

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Segregation by the government in the city of Shanghai, financial lung Asian, has caused the discontent of governments such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia or France. These countries have criticized the restrictive administration of the Chinese authorities before the higher bud of the pandemic until now.

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