Thursday, December 2

The Senate approves promoting tax cuts for the Balearic Islands with the vote against the PSOE

The senator of the PP José Vicente Marí Bossó.

The Senate approved a few minutes ago develop the fiscal part of the Special Regime of Balearic Islands (REB) that grants tax breaks for the islands. It is a harsh corrective for the Pedro Sánchez Government, which will be forced to process the REB after the order issued by the upper house. The initiative was presented by the PP and had the vote against the PSOE and the socialist senators of the islands, Cosme Bonet and Susana Moll. The PP proposal, defended by Senator José Vicente Marí Bossó, went ahead thanks to the vote of the regional senator of Més, Vicenç Vidal, which won the support of the confederal left. The proposal was approved by 126 votes in favor, 105 against and 16 abstentions. It is estimated that the economic impact of these tax cuts for the islands may reach 275 million euros per year.

In an intense plenary session, where the voting has even had to be repeated, he began his speech Marí Bossó explaining that “the proposal is traced to the one agreed by the Government with the Government of Spain, except that we have changed the validity of the agreement eliminating its completion in 2026.” The popular senator recalled that this agreement involves taking into consideration the tax reductions for personal income tax, agriculture or corporate tax that compensate for the effects of insularity and pointed out that “We do not come to defend partisan interests, we want to defend the interests of the Balearic Islands”. He reported that an opportunity was lost in 2015 and another in 2019, as it was not processed due to the call for elections. For this reason, he asked the socialist party not to lose the opportunity to approve the tax reductions for the islands that the Government of Francina Armengol. “I ask the Socialist senators to support taking the proposal into consideration and then in the parliamentary process change what they consider appropriate.” The popular senator ended his speech by praising the attitude of his partner from Més, Vicenç Vidal, that “within our differences today we have a common goal and I thank you for your predisposition to dialogue.”

The socialist senator for Mallorca, Cosme Bonet, visibly upset, defended the PSOE’s refusal to process the tax cuts set by the REB: “It is not worth getting into the background, since we all share the need for a Special Regime for the Balearic Islands, but we must abide by the principles of loyalty and credibility. It is up to the Government of Spain to agree on this regime with the Govern de les Illes Balearic Islands and not to a particular parliamentary group “. Bonet has denounced the “tactics of the PP to discredit the Government of the Francina Armengol Pact for partisan interests.”

Vicenç Vidal has been the architect of the approval of the proposal. The Més per Mallorca senator, who had presented an alternative proposal with some nuances in case that of the PP did not go ahead, recalled that both the PP and the PSOE have lost two opportunities for the citizens of the islands to have tax reductions. “The Balearic Islands is the only non-peninsular territory that does not have a differentiated tax regime. The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have it, but the Balearic Islands do not. It has been in a drawer for two years, the same thing that has happened with the insularity factor that has now been agreed. “Vidal also proposed a differentiated VAT, something does not contemplate the proposal of the PP finally approved.

The staff of the PP of the islands, with its president Clan Prohens At the head, he was present in the plenary session of the Senate that was held this morning. Along with Prohens, the president of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicente Marí; the parliamentary spokesperson, Toni Costa, or the general secretary, Sandra Fernández.

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