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The separate and parallel paths of the Kushner brothers | People

Those who have been looking with delight at the social profiles of the model Karlie Kloss, 28, in search of photos of the final stretch of her pregnancy or the arrival of her first child can still wait. Or rather, they have to change their objective. It has been her husband, Joshua Kushner, who has published the son’s first photograph in common of the couple. He did it on Sunday morning, with an image of the little boy on the side, without his face being seen, and the message “welcome to the world”, “welcome to the world.”

Little or nothing else is known about this first child of the couple, who has been in a relationship for six years and two and a half married, and who announced the pregnancy last November, also on their social networks. Beyond Kushner’s Instagram post (with 20,000 I like it in its first 12 hours), there are no official photographs of grandparents, uncles or relatives with the child. Neither of very brother Kushner: Jared, husband of Ivanka Trump and son-in-law and former adviser to former President Donald Trump.

During the last five years, the paths of the Kushner brothers have run in very different directions, until unexpectedly ending in the same place: Miami. Jared, who turned 40 in January (Ivanka Trump will do so in October), is the older of the two brothers; Joshua is 35. Two girls complete the family, Nicole and Dara, involved in family businesses but who maintain more discreet media profiles than their brothers.

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After his departure from the White House, the former president’s family lives in a luxurious beachfront development, where they spend their days with what at the moment seems more relaxation than busyness. For now they enjoy the views of the exclusive building in which they live until they finish building their house in Indian’s Creek, a kind of famous bunker with a single entrance by land, where it was learned last December that they had bought Julio Iglesias one of its lands.

Also in Miami, in a mansion with a pool, a wine cellar and eight rooms, the youngest of the Kushners and the supermodel have decided to settle. In summer, they bought for almost 20 million euros a 2,300 square meter house in the North Bay Road area, just 10 kilometers, about 15 minutes, south of where their brothers-in-law will live.

Despite the fact that the brothers now coincide in the city of Florida, everything seems to indicate that the respective moves were not due to brotherly love. Their relationship is distant. To begin with, because of the political issues. While the oldest has been the son-in-law, advisor and advisor to one of the most conservative presidents in US history, the youngest is liberal in character, he has supported Democratic policies. He avoids risky movements on social networks (where he has been explicit about his position next to Barack Obama), but Karlie Kloss has not hesitated to clearly position himself on the side first of Hillary Clinton and after Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent in the last elections and finally the president of the US In addition, Joshua Kushner has shown a much more open and feminist attitude than his brother and sister-in-law. In 2017, she attended the famous women’s march that took place in Washington and was widely criticized by the Trump administration.

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In reality, Joshua’s position is more in keeping with his family – Jewish, which Karlie Kloss became his wedding in 2018 – than his older brother. For decades, real estate mogul Charles, patriarch of the Kushners, has been a donor to the Democratic Party. His family has always supported that party, as has Kloss, who on occasion has expressed how “hard” it is to be a family, even if it is political, of Trump.

What they have both inherited from their father, and before their grandfather, who was the one who really started in the real estate business, is their ability to do business. The fortune of the former president’s son-in-law was calculated in 2017, when Trump’s presidency started, at about 740 million euros. In these years they have lost some liquidity, but not power. Before coming to the White House, Ivanka’s husband was president of the family business Kushner Companies, which according to The New York Times it had signed acquisitions worth $ 7 billion in the last decade. For his part, the young Jared created a successful soccer game during his time at university. online That had made him rich enough to create a fund called Thrive Capital and then invest wisely in venture capital and technology companies like Spotify, Reddit or Twitch. In fact, he was among the first to put money into a then-young and novel app called Instagram.

One of the great differences of the brothers, who in public – where they are never seen together – claim to get along, has been the health reform that Obama tried to promote to bring health coverage closer to the entire American population. While Jared finished it off from his position in the Trump administration, Joshua had personally opted for it: he participated with his insurer Oscar Health in that project, since the objective of the project was to lower health costs through a new technology for the management of data. But the Trump administration largely ended that great American dream. And he divided a little more if possible the increasingly wide strip between these brothers and new residents of Miami.

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