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The series that are succeeding in Paramount +: many surely sound familiar to you

Paramount is one of the largest film and television production companies, so their film and television catalog is impressive.

In Spain we can enjoy all the major streaming platforms, except one: Paramount+. Let’s take a look at the most watched series on Paramount+ in Mayto see what we are missing.

Everything points to Paramount+ It will arrive in Europe this year, so we will soon be able to enjoy these great series. Some are already broadcast on different Spanish platforms, by license.

The platform Paramount+ was born after the merger of CBS and Viacomin 2019. It premiered a year ago in the United States, and it has a lot of quality content.

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The catalog is nourished with Paramount’s legendary films and series as well as CBS series such as Star Trekthe children’s channel NickelodeonMTV, ShowTime, Comedy Central, BET, content licensed to Sony Pictures and MGM, etc.

Paramount+ has about 40 million subscriberswhich he hopes to expand when it rolls out around the world.

What are the most watched series currently on Paramount +? Infobae has collected them.

The most watched series in the United States is NCSI: Criminal Investigation, which in Spain can be seen on Antena 3 Player, and on Movistar Plus+.

NCIS follows federal agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who investigate crimes, acts of terrorism, and any type of case related to the United States Navy.

In second position we have RuPaul: Queens of Drag: All Starsa kind of contest / reality show where the drag queens who have won from past editions compete to decide who is the best.

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Next we have two Star Trek series. Is about Star Trek: Discovery season 3, which previously aired on Netflix, but has become a Paramount+ exclusive. And a premiere series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which chronicles the adventures of the ship Enterprise and Captain Christopher Pike, a few years before Captain Kirk. You can watch the trailer here:

In fifth position is another premiere series that was intended to be the spearhead of the platform, although it has not had the expected success, for deviating too much from the original source.

Is about Halo, a war science-fiction series based on the legendary Xbox video game saga. This is the trailer:

The popular series closes the Top 10 SpongeBob, Survivor, RuPaul: Queens of Drag, Frasier, and Blue Bloodsa series of police families.

We must highlight the until now missing Fraserone of the best comedy series in history that cannot currently be seen in Spain.

we hope that Paramount+ arrive in our country soon, and we can enjoy its exclusive series of Star Trek, Halo, and classics like Frasier, its police and detective series, etc.

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