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The silent countdown of Donald Trump

He is preparing a visit to Tecas to celebrate the construction of the wall on the border, one of the emblems of his administration, and he does not rule out retaliating against Twitter and other large technology companies.

View of the White House at night in Washington.
View of the White House at night in Washington.AFP
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  • Assault on the Capitol Democrats push to censor Donald Trump

With the Democrats on his heels and without his active Twitter speaker, Donald Trump faces the last days of his Administration preparing to extol one of the great achievements of his mandate. The outgoing president of the United States will travel to Texas tomorrow to supervise the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, one of the main objectives that he set four years ago when he arrived at the White House.

Details of his trip have not been released, although the secret services are already preparing the ground to spend the day in the city of Lamo, where he hopes to celebrate the completion of almost 725 kilometers of border fence. A scenario that will serve to value one of the most controversial bets that his Government proposed to solve the crisis of the immigration system.

Trump remains isolated since he appeared in a recorded message on Friday in which he finally admitted defeat at the polls and was forced to turn his back on the very supporters he had cheered on before they ended up storming the Capitol. He has not been seen in public again and although he was scheduled to spend the weekend at Camp David, nothing is known of his whereabouts.

His visit to the border will be, except for last minute surprises, his first appearance at a public event since last January 6, when he encouraged his supporters to address Congress to prevent the formal ceremony where it was planned to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections. What happened that day is already written and will surely go down in history as the beginning of the end of Trump’s political life.

Although on Tuesday he will be absent from the White House for a few hours, the New York tycoon will follow the events in Washington sideways, where the Democratic congressmen already have everything ready to start this Monday the process that could lead to the second political trial of Trump, an unprecedented scenario in the history of the country since its founding almost 245 years ago.

A president who is increasingly lonely and who has already said that he does not plan to attend the ceremony of the transfer of command to Joe Biden on January 20 on the steps of the Capitol. It does seem that the vice president, Mike Pence, with whom he has not spoken since Wednesday and who has not yet ruled out the possibility of invoking an amendment to the Constitution that could declare his boss incapacitated to continue governing, will.

This was stated this Sunday by the CNN chain, which assured that the Republican politician wants to keep an ace under his arm and have at hand the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to the Magna Carta in case Trump becomes “more unstable.” For this, he will need the support of a majority of cabinet members who are willing to expel him from the Oval Office and render him powerless to finish his term.

With the countdown clock already ticking, it is not ruled out that in the coming days he will announce a third round of pardons that could include his immediate family, including his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, both with positions in the White House. It also remains to be seen if he finally decides to self-pardon, with all the legal doubts that such a move raises, as I already advanced last week New York Times.

Nine days ahead in which some kind of retaliation could come from the former president against the country’s big tech companies, companies like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that dealt him a hard blow where it could hurt the most. According to one of his closest advisers, he is “furious” ever since his account @realdonaldtrump was permanently suspended on Friday, and with Donald Trump furious, what could happen is unpredictable.

Increasingly isolated

For lack of knowing his next moves, the still president finds himself increasingly isolated, with no news of Melania Trump or the move of his daughter Ivanka to Florida, as well as the growing wave of resignations in his environment, from the Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, or the White House deputy spokeswoman, Sarah Matthews, to some of her closest collaborators such as the national security adviser, Robert O’Brien.

An uncertain immediate future in which the fear of a new outbreak of violence like the one that took place on January 6 in the Capitol, which ended with five deaths. For now, the authorities in Washington DC have decided to reinforce security around Congress by installing barricades for the “inauguration” ceremony on the 20th.

Trump supporters are not going to leave their leader alone, as they have made known through platforms such as Parler, the network that the “Trumpists” increasingly use to communicate and organize their actions. “Many of us will return on January 19, carrying our weapons (…) there will be so many that there will be no army or police agency that can match us,” wrote one of its users this weekend.

Also in other channels such as Telegram, MeWe or Winkin, where the messages that have been published in recent days are increasingly inflammatory. “Second round on January 20. This time without mercy. I no longer care about keeping Trump in power. The only thing that matters is war“wrote an anonymous surfer on the platform

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