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The ‘sins’ of Sanna Marin (which are not those of Mohamed VI), article by Patrycia Centeno

“The Republicans have been scandalized because a woman dances, they will see when they discover that a congresswoman can also do it.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezthe youngest and most popular American Democratic congresswoman who had just promised her position, took a few steps in front of the door of her new office in Congress and thus answered (ridiculed) the ‘haters’ who had tried to discredit her as a public representative by going up to the networks a video of her dancing with a group of friends on a rooftop in his university stage. As absurd as the attack was (one of the many he suffered and suffers for committing the sin of being a woman, latina, young, progressive, beautiful and practicing a different leadership), that did not catch him by surprise and he knew how to react: he laughed in their faces. By naturalizing the supposed sin committed, he neutralized the criticism.

Sanna Marin could have been inspired by Ocasio-Cortez and having taken iron away from such a silly matter. But just as a large part of the Finnish and Western citizens expressed solidarity with the president (women started uploading videos dancing in support of the prime minister), Marin fell into the trap. His opponents had nothing (okay, she wasn’t waltzing, but how do you think she dances now?), but the fact that she appeared from the first moment with a sad face (as if she had done something wrong) and wanting to justifyIf you haven’t done anything wrong, why are you trying to apologize?) fed the monster. So her opponents were strong enough to insinuate that if she had fun that way it was because she was drugged (the thief believes…). Given the seriousness of the insinuation (and I am not referring to accusing the prime minister of taking drugs, but rather to suggest that if a woman gives her all on the track it is because she is under the influence of some substance); the indignation of those who supported and understood her grew greater.

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But then she and/or her team panicked about what else could be made public. And when Marin finally realized that more content from her parties with friends could surely be leaked (decontextualized and used for political gain) (as has finally happened), they ended up considering that it was preferable that the leader undergo a drug test … This did not satisfy or reassure most of its detractors, but it left us women who dance (some without even needing to drink a drop of alcohol) in a difficult position: that of suspicion or permanent disavowal . If you have to ask for a drug test every time a president dances to rejoice or escape, I demand another (along with a psychiatric test) every time a leader makes the decision to invade a country and provoke a war because he does not know how to manage his fears and insecurities. In the case of Mohammed VI staggering through the streets of Paris no need to spend money; it is obvious.

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The video of the group dance was followed a few hours later by another one where it was implied that Marin was being unfaithful to her husband with a friend who came over to kiss her neck (or to whisper something in her ear, because in a nightclub it’s difficult to hear anything). But unlike the first video that was taken in a private home, this one took place in a nightclub in Helsinki (a space where anyone can record you, especially when you are the prime minister). This was also followed by a selfie of two friends kissing bare-chested that they covered with a poster that read Finland, very similar to those that the Government uses in its press conferences. The photo, casually published the week of August 26, international topless day, was not really against anything that Marin does not represent and defend (very close to the LGTBI movement and raised by her mother and Marin’s girlfriend). is); the problem is that the image was taken at the vacation residence of the heads of government. So Marin has ended up crossing out that stamp of “inappropriate”, acknowledging between tears that it has been one of the worst weeks of his life, begging them to take into account his work (“which I have never missed, he clarified)” and remembering that it is human.

The Finnish Prime Minister has not committed any crime, not even a moral or ethical fault. However, has sinned trustingly (your friends, as much as they love you, do not have to know or be aware of or responsible for how innocent content for them can affect you as a public representative if it transcends and falls into the hands of political opponents) and has been very poorly advised (The management of the crisis has been disastrous). It is not necessary for a president to stop behaving as he considers or as he has always done simply to conform to a type of leadership to which we have become accustomed and which is often as soporific as it is hypocritical. What is essential is that he be aware and consistent between what he preaches and the image he projects, even in his private sphere. Even the most subversive image would withstand the worst attacks, as long as the protagonist is prepared, willing and accompanied to defend it tooth and nail. If it’s authentic, being consistent 24 hours a day isn’t exhausting. Rather it is something liberating: you choose who and how you want to be. Without costumes and without having to ask permission. That is the fight: to dance!

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