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The site of the accident in Chiapas becomes a sanctuary in honor of migrants who lost their lives

For eight days, the site of the accident in Chiapas became a sanctuary in honor of Central Americans who traveled crammed inside a trailer.

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The site of the fatal accident where 56 undocumented immigrants died and some 150 were injured, known as the migrant curve, became for eight days a sanctuary in honor of Central Americans who traveled crammed inside a trailer in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

María, a woman who has been working in the production and sale of plants for more than 45 years in the “Berriozabal Nursery”, donated her time and plants to make the place a beautiful garden in memory of the fallen.

For this work of art, 100 meters of carpet grass, 56 Sansevieria plants, a species that withstands any weather and resembles a candle, river stones, 10 sacks of compost and soil were used.

“Now the mural looks splendid, the place was revived after the tragedy,” María tells EFE.

The grower, who gladly joined in collaborating with the neighbors of Chiapa de Corzo, assured that she enjoys making gardens, “but this time I had to make the garden more difficult, which is due to pain. Gardens are made for joy and pleasure ”.

This action arose after 56 migrants died on December 9 when a truck of human traffickers overturned in the southern state of Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala.

María said that this accident was very shocking and also hurt a lot, “because the images are very heartbreaking, very sad. Yes, it made me sad, we have to take courage from this, we cannot keep sadness inside, we have to take it out, and that is why we are doing this so that it does not happen again ”.

During this week hundreds of people have shown their solidarity by leaving flowers and candles, Guatemalan citizens stop to pray and leave some quetzals, bottles of water, wooden crosses, images of the Virgin of Guadalupe and little angels.

The relatives of the deceased and injured, who little by little are arriving to prepare the repatriation procedures, have arrived at the scene of the accident to leave flowers and posters with emotional words of farewell.

Jorge is another citizen who gives his time to dig and plant grass and plants, since he identifies with the migrants and their families, since he has lived in his own flesh migrating to the United States in search of a better life.

“It made me sad, the poor people who come from abroad and go elsewhere, because we are all human, we all suffer, to earn a little more money, I have also gone out to work (work) abroad, they suffer”, express.

A week after the accident, the Ministry of Health confirmed that of 114 migrants injured in the accident, 56 have been discharged and 51 people are still recovering in different health units of the hospital network.

The agency detailed that according to the medical report, the health status of 90% of the patients is between delicate and serious; while the prognosis for the rest is very serious.

The migrant population that remains hospitalized comes from the countries of Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras and Colombia.

Mexico is experiencing one of the largest migratory waves in its history. From January to October, the country has intercepted 228,115 people and deported another 82,627, numbers that had not been seen for more than 15 years.

Likewise, refugee applications have also broken records. From January to October, the country has received 108,195 petitions.

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